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Branch App Review: Free Transfer, 20% Investment, limit, Is it Legit and Safe?

If you wish to understand what the branch app is all about, this review post on the branch app will give you that.

Branch app is a legit and secure loan and investment platform, approved by CBN. A reliable app for free transfers, 20% ROI investment, loans, airtime and bill payment discounts. Also, withdrawal is quick and easy whenever you need your money.

Therefore, this post looks at what is branch app; its products and services; benefits and limitations; and also answer some related questions.

So let’s start.

What is Branch App?

The Branch app is a fintech app that offers financial services such as loans, free bank transfers, investments and payments of bills, airtime and data to its millions of users.

Founded in November 2015, The branch company is on a mission to provide financial services to mobile users generation. Presently, this international company operates in 4 countries: the USA, Nigeria, India, and Kenya.

Of all the Branch products and services, the loan aspect is the most popular. With the aid of Machine learning, the company is able to determine how creditworthy is its customers – whether one will qualify and the amount of loan for a start.

The branch app also offers 20% ROI on investments and free bank transfers, apart from loans.

Branch Products and Services

The branch is a fintech app that offers the following products and services:

  • Loan
  • Invest: Flexi or Fixed investment
  • Free Bank Transfer
  • Pay Bills: Airtime, Data, Electricity and Cable TV
  • Request for money

How does Branch App work?

The Branch app works by downloading the app on Google Playstore, not available for iPhones yet. Then, create an account and verify it with your BVN. Afterwards, you can start to enjoy all Branch services. Such as loans, savings, investments, and bill payments.

Is Branch Legit and Safe?

This Branch app company is legitimate because it is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) to operate as a financial company. As an international reputable company, the branch has featured in WCJ, and Bloomberg and operates in 4 countries: the USA, Nigeria, India, and Kenya.

Furthermore, using the branch app is safe and so is your money. Your data is encrypted and there are adequate security measures to safeguard your funds however, keep your login details secure.

Additionally, your BVN is safe and the data collected by the branch on your smartphone is to determine your creditworthiness.

How to Download and Sign up for Branch App

To download the branch app and sign up, follow these steps

  1. Go to Google Playstore, search for Branch and install.
  1. Next, select your Language. English, Hindi or Kiswahili. Then, tap Continue
  1. Tap Take me to Sign in/ Register
  1. Then, tap I’m new to Branch
  1. Select your country from the list. Then, Tap Register with Phone Number or Register with Facebook. Phone number preferably
  1. Enter your phone number and tap Register new account.
  1. Lastly, fill in the details, your BVN, take a selfie passport and others.

Congratulation, your branch app account is ready.

How to get the Branch App Referral Promo bonus

You can get a 650 Naira referral promo bonus after signing up on the Branch app. Below is how to get yours:

  1. Firstly, After you sign up on the Branch app, proceed to make a first deposit into your wallet. A debit card or bank transfer.
  1. Thereafter, a promotion code will pop up. Enter IKUSER98161.
Branch referral promotion code bonus
  1. If you didn’t see the pop up after deposit, tap the Invite tab. Tap Enter a promotion code and enter the code.
  1. You will receive your bonus in Branch Reward within 24 hours.

Note: This promo code only works after your first deposit and will not work if you try it after a second deposit or next.

To understand it better, you can read my post on the Branch app referral bonus and the terms and conditions.

Branch App loan Review

Branch app loan

Are you are looking for a quick and fast soft loan? The branch app can provide you with that.

To apply, simply tap loans on the app and the highest amount you are qualified for will appear. However, you can swipe left to reveal lesser amounts if you don’t want up to that.

Branch loan ranges from 2,000 to 500,000 Naira with a monthly interest of 1.5%-20% depending on how long you repay the loan. The loan term is 4-52 weeks.

Although Branch does not charge for late or rollover fees, it is advisable to pay on time. This increase your creditworthiness and the amount of loan you can get later.

Branch App Investment Review

One of the coolest things about the branch app is the 20% ROI on investment. While other platforms like Reaprite and Piggyvest also offer high interest, the branch gives much more.

The branch app pays you 20% p.a. when you invest your money on Flexi or Fixed plan.

1. Branch Flexi Investment

The Branch Flexi investment lets you save your money at a 20% interest rate with the flexibility to withdraw your funds at any time. Hence, this flexibility makes it more of a savings account.

In addition, you can keep adding money to it anytime and withdraw it.

The interest on your Branch Flexi account is paid weekly and automatically added to your investment balance.

The benefit of the Branch Flexi is that you can withdraw your money anytime in case you are in need of it.

2. Branch Fixed Investment

With Branch Fixed investment, you lock your funds for a minimum of 30 days to a year at 20% per annum.

The minimum amount you can invest is 5,000 Naira. In addition, you can have more than one Fixed investment and set different maturity dates with the interest paid at maturity.

The benefit of the Branch Fixed investment is that you are more disciplined because you can’t withdraw your money until the maturity date.

Since both the Branch Flexi and Fixed investment give an equal interest rate of 20%, it is good to invest your money in both.

Free Bank Transfers and Deposits on Branch App

One of the things I love about the Branch app is the free transfer to any bank in Nigeria. If your bank or any fintech app does charge you any bank transfers, use the Branch App. It is free.

In addition, unlike some apps, Branch won’t charge you if you deposit funds with your debit card. Also, the stamp duty charge won’t affect your money with the branch app.

Buy Airtime and Data on Branch App

With the branch app, you can buy airtime from these networks:

  • MTN
  • GLO
  • 9 MOBILE

Furthermore, you can purchase a data plan from these network providers:

  • MTN
  • GLO
  • 9 MOBILE

Interestingly, when you buy a 200 Naira minimum of airtime and data on the branch app, you get a 5% cashback bonus.

Bills Payment on Branch App

On the Branch app, you can also pay for prepaid electricity from these Discos:

  • Abuja Disco
  • Eko Disco
  • Enugu Disco
  • Ibadan Disco
  • Ikeja Disco
  • Jos Disco
  • Kaduna Disco
  • Kano Disco
  • Port Harcourt Disco

In addition, you can subscribe to cable TV on the branch app:




Interestingly, when you pay for bills on the branch app, you get a 5% cashback bonus.

Branch Referral Bonus and Rewards

The Branch app is one of the best apps that give bonuses and cashback when you sign up and use the app.

Branch Referral Bonus

As a new customer, if you follow the steps on how to get a referral bonus on the Branch app stated above such as entering the promotion code IKUSER98161, you will receive a 650 Naira bonus within 24 hours

Also, as an existing customer, you can refer your friends to sign up on the Branch app and get a referral bonus.

Branch Reward

Furthermore, the Branch app rewards you as a customer with cashback when you perform the following transactions on the app.

  • 5% bonus on Airtime and data purchase, minimum of 200 Naira.
  • 5% bonus on Electricity and Cable TV subscription.
  • 50 Naira bonus once per week for a deposit of 300 Naira or more. 200 Naira per month.
  • 5000 Naira one-time bonus for a Fixed investment of 5000 Naira or more for a year.

How to use Branch Request Payment to Receive Funds

Request Payment on the branch app is a feature for individuals or businesses to request a certain amount from someone to credit their branch account.

To use the request payment on the branch app simply,

  • Open the branch app and tap Wallet
  • Then, tap Request Payment
  • Fill in the amount and tap Send Payment Request. Also, you can include a note.
  • Lastly, a link will be generated that you can copy or share on social sites.

Alternatively, you can request payments by copying account details in the Wallet tab and sending it out.

How to invest in Branch App and get 20% ROI

To invest your money in the branch app and get a 20% interest rate, follow these steps:

  1. Open the branch app, if you have already signed up.
  1. Tap Invest tab
  1. Then, choose between Flexi and Fixed investment
  1. Enter the investment amount and tap Select Funding Account
  1. Choose to fund the account either with your Branch Wallet or Debit card.
  1. Lastly, confirm the transaction.

Benefits of Branch App

From the review so far, there are obvious benefits of the branch app such as:

1. Free Bank Transfer

The branch allows you to transfer money to other banks at no cost.

2. Easy access to loans with no late fees

A loan is easy to access on the branch app. No paperwork, late fees, blackmail and distrust like some loan apps.

3. 20% interest on investments

Whether you keep your money in the Flexi or Fixed investment, the branch app will give you 20% interest per annum and this interest is paid every week.

4. No Deposit fees

Deposit on the branch app is free whether through debit card or bank transfer.

5. Cashback bonus on airtime, data and bills

When you buy airtime or data of 200 Naira minimum, you get a 5% cashback bonus. Likewise, you also get a 5% bonus when you pay for electricity and subscribe for cable TV

6. Bonus on fixed investment

Get up to 5000 Naira bonus when you save money on Fixed investment for the first time.

Limitations of Branch App

Although there are many benefits of using the branch app, there are limitations you should be aware of.

1. No physical or virtual debit card

Presently, Branch app does not offer a physical or virtual debit card to customers

2. Limited transaction amount

The amount you can deposit or withdraw per transaction on the branch app is 100,000 Naira. If you want to deposit or withdraw more than that, you have to do the transaction more than once.

Furthermore, if someone sends you more than 100,000 Naira, it will automatically be forwarded to your bank account linked to the Branch account.

3. Limited Wallet balance

Sadly, the highest amount you can have in your branch wallet is 500,000 Naira.

Review of Branch App Alternatives

Due to its numerous financial solutions, branch competes with so many apps in the category of loans, bills payment, free bank transfers, savings and investments. Some of the best branch app alternatives are:

1. Kuda Bank

Kuda bank, known as the bank of the free, offers savings, loans, bill payments and even a free debit card to customers.

Although Kuda bank offers a free debit card which branch app does not have, the branch still offers free and bonus services than Kuda.

To sign up on the Kuda bank app and get a 1000 Naira bonus, click here.

Further Reading:

2. Reaprite

Reaprite is an app that offers categories of savings ranging from short to long term. The app is solely based on savings which is good if that is all you want. You also get 1000 Naira when you sign up on Reaprite and save at least 3,000 Naira.

No doubt, the Branch app offers more service than Reaprite even with interest, yet Reaprite is one of the best savings apps to have.

To sign up on the Reaprite app and get a 1000 Naira bonus, click here.

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3. Piggyvest

Piggyvest is a very popular app when it comes to savings and investments. You can save in naira or dollars with interest. In addition, you can invest in different sectors that are available for as low as 5,000 Naira.

Saving in naira is only what Piggyvest and branch have in common. Therefore, you can sign up on both apps to do different things.

To sign up on the Piggyvest app and get a 1000 Naira bonus, click here.

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4. Chipper Cash App

Chipper cash allows you to send/receive money for free, buy airtime/data and pay bills. The Chipper is better than the branch app in terms of account limit but you cannot transfer money to other banks, only to a chipper user. You can only transfer or withdraw money to your bank account linked to the Chipper account.

Another benefit of Chipper cash is you can transfer money abroad, even to UK and USA through the chipper tag.

To sign up on the Chipper cash app and get a bonus, click here.

Further Reading:

Chipper cash app Review

How to get the Chipper cash app Referral Bonus

5. Barter App

The Barter app is one of my best apps for sending money to other banks for free. You can also buy airtime and pay bills on the app.

Also, the Barter app is famous for its dollar virtual card. With this virtual card, you can make any international payments such as WES, hosting accounts, Amazon etc. You are essentially free from the CBN restriction. This is not possible on the Branch app.

To sign up on the Barter app and get a bonus, click here.

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6. Jumia Pay

The best thing about Jumia Pay is the bonus you can get by buying airtime/data, paying bills, cable TV and other subscriptions. In fact, this discount can be up to 20% on a certain day and that is why I use this app every time.

However, you cannot save or invest on Jumia Pay, unlike the Branch app.

To sign up on the Jumia app and get a bonus, click here.

FAQs Branch App Review

Who is the owner of the Branch app

The Branch international is owned and co-founded by Matt Flannery and Daniel Jung.

Is Branch a good app for investment and safe?

The branch app is good for both savings and investment purposes with 20% p.a. interest. Your investment in the branch app is safe and no need to fear losing your money.

What is the Branch loan Interest rate?

The branch loan interest ranges from the monthly interest of 1.5%-20% to be paid within 4-52 weeks depending on the loan amount.

How to withdraw money from the Branch wallet

To withdraw money from your branch, tap Wallet and tap Free transfer. Here, you can either withdraw to your default bank account or to another account.

Branch customer care

You can reach out to branch customer care through any of the following channels.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Email:

Final Thoughts on Branch App Review

Branch app is a trusted loan and investment app by millions of users around the world. The ease, high interests, free transfers, referral bonus, discounts, and security are reasons why Branch is one of the best loan, savings and investment apps in Nigeria and other countries it operates.

Indeed, it is one of the best fintech or banking apps you can have on your smartphone.

Personally, branch app has not given me any issues, except when the server was down for some minutes. but if you have, please drop your comments below. Also, ask questions.

Thank you.

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