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Bundle Africa App Review: Is the P2P Crypto Platform Legit?

If you are in need to know all about Bundle Africa and its services, this post review on Bundle helps you understand better.

Bundle Africa is a legit and secure cryptocurrency and cash platform, backed by Binance. As a crypto broker, Bundle is safe to use and makes it easy to trade 50+ coins. Also, withdrawal is quick and fast when you need your money.

In a country like Nigeria where you can not easily buy or sell cryptocurrency, creating an account with a crypto trading platform that has a Peer-to-Peer feature like the Bundle app is the best choice.

Therefore, this post covers everything you need to know about Bundle Africa

Let’s start.

What is Bundle Africa all About

Bundle Africa is a P2P(peer-to-peer) or social payments app for cash and cryptocurrencies. With Bundle App, users can send, receive, deposit, withdraw and store cash and crypto.

Launched on 23rd April 2020 by Yele Badamosi, an ex-director at Binance, the Bundle app is now one of the popular crypto trading platforms in Africa. The company’s name is Bundle Wallet Technology Ltd with headquarters in Seychelles and operations in Nigeria and Ghana.

Bundle Africa app is a cryptocurrency broker and not a crypto exchange or an investment platform.

As a crypto broker, Bundle acts an intermediary between you and a crypto exchange making cryptocurrency trading easy especially if you are a beginner.

Hence, the simplicity and ease – of buying and selling cryptocurrencies – make crypto broker platforms like Bundle Africa attractive, stripping the complexities of trading and investing associated with crypto exchanges such as Binance.

Really, Binance does not own Bundle Africa, rather it is one of the products of Binance lab which identify and invest in technical teams building blockchain-related projects.

How Bundle App Works

The Bundle Africa works as a cash and crypto app.

  1. Bundle Africa as a crypto app: You can buy, sell, receive, send, request and withdraw cryptocurrencies on the Bundle app.
  2. Bundle Africa as a cash app: On the Bundle app, you can send, receive, request, deposit and withdraw money in your local currency.

Presently, the bundle app has 80+ crypto coins and still adding more. This is a lot of trading opportunities for individuals looking to buy and sell multiple crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu and so on.

Therefore, to start using Bundle Africa app you have to:

  1. Firstly, download the Bundle App.
  2. Then, create an account
  3. Deposit cash through Cashlink
  4. Thereafter, proceed to buy and sell crypto coins on the Bundle app
  5. Also, send and receive cash through your Bundle ID

Is Bundle Africa Legit?

Bundle Africa is legit and trustworthy, a licensed software company with operations in Nigeria, Ghana and other parts of Africa. It is not a crypto company that sprang up from nowhere. This can be confirmed in at least 3 other ways.

Firstly, Bundle Africa is legit as Binance Lab, an arm of the biggest cryptocurrency platform in the world, invested in it. In addition, Binance also supports Bundle on its P2P trading platform. So if you can trust Binance, you can also trust Bundle Africa.

Secondly, Bundle Africa and its founder, Yele Badamosi have featured in notable sites such as Yahoo finance, Crunchbase, Coindesk, Nairametrics and so on. It

Thirdly, customer reviews matter and Bundle Africa customer reviews have been positive overall. Whether on Google Playstore, App Store or other platforms, users are largely satisfied with their products and services.

Bundle Africa Products and Services

1. Trade and Invest in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency trading or investing involves buying and selling crypto coins on a crypto platform. One of such crypto platforms is the Bundle Africa app.

The Bundle app currently has over 80+ coins for individuals to buy and sell easily with good rates. And the platform is constantly adding more cryptos to give its users more trading options.

On the other hand, if you prefer to hold on to cryptos for a very long term, called crypto investing, you can also do that on the Bundle app.

2. Save and Earn Interest with the Bundle app Vault

The Bundle Africa Vault lets you save BUSD and earn interest of at least 7% APY. The vault is just the same way you save your money in the bank and get ROI.

BUSD is a stable coin that reflects the Dollar currency. Hence, saving in BUSD is like saving dollars which means you won’t witness price volatility like other crypto coins.

Additionally, this is another way to save in a more stable currency, unlike Naira.

3. Bundle Token BXD

BXD is Bundle native token just like BNB is for Binance. Bundle BXD is like every crypto coin or token that you can buy and sell.

Additionally, the BXD token is like company shares, giving you the power in the decision-making of the Bundle app.

Presently, BXD is not available for trading on any crypto platform, even on Bundle. However, Bundle Africa has been giving some Bundle users after account sign up and verification or as a giveaway.

Hopefully, it will be available for trading very soon.

4. Send and Receive Cash

The Bundle app is also an app to send and receive cash. You can also send money to someone who is not on the app but the person has to register to access the money.

Because of the third-party charges associated with the Bundle app, it is not ideal for sending and receiving money unless the purpose is to trade with the money.

If you wish to send and receive with ease, choose apps like the Branch app, Chipper cash app and Barter app.

Bundle Africa Download and Registration

To start trading cryptocurrency on Bundle Africa, you need to download the app. To download, search for Bundle Africa on Google Playstore for Android users and App Store for iPhones.

How to Download and Register on Bundle Africa (Android and iPhone)

Follow these steps to download the Bundle app on Android and iPhone and sign up:

  1. Firstly, download the Bundle Africa app through this link.
  2. Next, input your phone number.
  3. Then, enter the six-digit SMS code you receive and tap Confirm.
  4. Enter a new strong password and tap Save password.
  5. Then, input your email address.
  6. Lastly, enter your preferred name and a unique Bundle username then tap Continue.

How to Verify and Upgrade your Bundle Africa account

You must verify and upgrade your Bundle Africa account up to level 2 to unlock all the features on the bundle app such as removing deposit and withdrawal limit.

Below is the Bundle Africa app verification process and upgrading of your account to level 2 :

1. Tap your Profile Icon

Open your Bundle Africa app. You will see the Profile icon on the top corner, tap it.

Bundle Africa App profile

2. Tap Account Upgrade

The next step is to tap Account Upgrade which you will see after tapping the Profile icon.

Bundle app profile option

3. Tap Level 1 Account Upgrade

To complete level 1 account upgrade you must verify your email address, enter your full name and date of birth.

how to verify and upgrade your account on Bundle App

So, tap Level 1 to verify your email address. You will receive a verification email from Bundle Africa.

Open the email and click the link to verify your email address.

Then, open the Bundle app again and go to level 1 account upgrade. Enter your full name and date of birth.

Finally, your level 1 account upgrade is complete. Move to level 2.

3. Tap Level 2 and Verify your BVN or NIN

To complete level 2 upgrade on Bundle Africa, you just need to verify your BVN or NIN. Enter the number and your account will upgraded to Level 2

how to enter your BVN on Bundle app

Congratulation! You now have unlimited access to Bundle Africa platform

In summary, requirements for opening and verifying Bundle Africa account are:

  • Your full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Date of Birth
  • BVN or NIN

How to Claim Bundle Africa Referral Bonus

Follow the steps below to get your Bundle referral welcome bonus within 16 days of account opening:

1. Open and Verify Bundle Africa Account

To get Bundle Africa referral bonus, download the app from the store or through this link.

Then, register and verify the account. Check the process above if you encounter any issue.

2. Tap Profile Icon, Tap Refer and Earn

Thereafter, open Bundle Africa app and tap on the Profile. Then, tap Refer and Earn option

3. Tap Referral Details, Tap Claim Signup Bonus

Next, tap Referral details. You will see Claim Signup Bonus, tap it to enter the referral code.

Claim Bundle Signup Bonus

4. Enter ikunleash as the Referral username.

In the referral username box, enter ikunleash to claim your signup bonus

Enter Bundle Referral code

5. Fund your Bundle Account with at least $10

Add cash of at least 10USD(Approx. 6000 in Naira) to your Bundle account through Cashlink. Tap on Add Cash and tap Fund with Cashlink. Then follow the instruction.

It is better to deposit more than that since you want to start trading crypto. Also, because there is a small fee attached to every deposit.

6. Trade with at least $10

After funding your account, proceed to trade on Bundle Africa. Trade with the 10 USD or more by buying any crypto coin(s) you want.

7. Receive Bonus on the 16th Day

You have to do all these steps within 16 days of creating a Bundle Africa account. Claim signup bonus, fund account and trade.

If you did all these, you will receive your bonus to your Bundle wallet on the 16th day.

How to fund your Bundle wallet account

There are 3 ways to fund your wallet on the Bundle Africa. These are:

  1. Fund with Cashlink: Cashlink involves sending money to a third party person to credit your account. This is the only way to fund your wallet on the Bundle app
  2. Fund with Cash: You can add money to your Bundle wallet through card, mobile money and other options. However, this feature is not working in Nigeria due to the CBN embargo.
  3. Fund with BUSD: This option lets you fund your wallet directly with BUSD with your card. Also, this feature is unavailable.

Presently, the only way to fund your Bundle wallet account is by using the fund with the Cashlink feature.

How to fund your Bundle wallet with Cashlink

Cashlink is a fast and trusted way to make a deposit on the Bundle Africa app. Therefore, follow these steps to fund your Bundle wallet with Cashlink:

  1. Tap Add Cash on the top right corner of the Bundle app
  1. Next, select Fund with Cashlink.
Add Cash with cashlink on Bundle App
  1. Then, enter the amount to deposit
Enter Cash amount on bundle
  1. Choose any payment option such as bank transfer, Barter app, Chipper cash, Opay etc. Make sure the account name tally with your Bundle verified name. You cannot use another person’s account to make a deposit.
Bundle app Cashlink Payment Method
  1. Thereafter, select your preferred P2P trader from the list and transfer the money to the person’s account.
  1. After you have paid, go back and tap I have paid and agree with the terms.
  1. Finally, you should receive the funds in a few minutes.

When using Cashlink, you don’t have to be scared of losing your money because the P2P traders on the platform are all verified by Bundle. You just have to follow the standard procedure.

How to Buy and Sell cryptocurrencies on Bundle Africa App

On Bundle Africa, the process of how to trade or buy and sell different cryptocurrencies on the app is as follows:

  1. Firstly, open the Bundle app.
  2. Next, fund your wallet account through Cashlink
  3. On the wallet dashboard, you will see All Assets and Sell all. Tap See all
  4. Then, choose your preferred crypto from the list
  5. Tap the crypto and tap Buy
  6. Tap the NGN local currency.
  7. Then, fill in the amount of crypto or cash to buy and tap Next.
  8. Lastly, tap the Confirm button
  9. To buy, go to the wallet dashboard and tap See all
  10. Then, choose your preferred crypto from the list to sell
  11. Tap the crypto and tap Sell
  12. Next, tap the NGN local currency.
  13. Tap Max to sell all the crypto or enter the amount of crypto or cash to sell. Then, tap Next.
  14. Lastly, tap the Confirm button

So, this is how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the Bundle app, be it Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Ethereum and others

Bundle Africa fees

Bundle Africa charges a fee of 100 Naira or more for cash deposits and withdrawals. Also, it charges a fee for cryptocurrency withdrawals. Below is the breakdown of these Bundle Africa fees:

Bundle Africa FeesAmount/Percentage
Transaction Fee (Buy and sell crypto)0.5% – 1.3%
Cash deposit fee100 naira or more
Cash withdrawal fee100 naira or more

Below is the withdrawal fee of crypto coins on the Bundle Africa App

Names of Cryptos for withdrawal Bundle appFee
Bitcoin0.0005 BTC
Bitcoin Cash0.001 BCH
Binance Coin0.001 BNB
Ethereum0.00625 ETH
Tron1.0 TRX

Like every other crypto trading platform, Bundle Africa App charges fees for using certain services on the platform. These are transaction fees, deposit fees and withdrawal fees.

However, Bundle does not charge fees for the following:

  • Send and receive cash to Bundle users
  • Send and receive crypto to Bundle users
  • Receive crypto coins from an external wallet

Bundle Africa Transaction fees

On Bundle Africa, the transaction fee is 0.5% – 1.3%. Although Bundle is silent about fees, my research on it gives me these figures. This is a competitive fee for a crypto broker however, a crypto exchange like Binance charges the lowest fees

Bundle Deposit Fees

The Bundle Africa deposit fee is 100 naira even for a large amount of 500,000 Naira. However, this deposit fee can increase based on high deposit demand. For instance, I once paid a deposit fee of 700 Naira. This is an extreme case and it hasn’t occurred after that.

Bundle Withdrawal fees

Also, the withdrawal fee on Bundle Africa starts from 100 Naira. However, if you are withdrawing a large sum of money on the Bundle app, you can pay a fee of up to 1000 naira in some cases.

Additionally, there is a withdrawal fee on the Bundle app when you send or withdraw crypto to an external wallet

Is Bundle Africa Secure and Safe?

Bundle Africa is a safe and secure platform for cryptocurrency trading and investment. There are adequate security measures put in place to protect unwarranted access to your account and trading such as Device lock and Transaction PIN.

Also, your money is safe with Bundle Africa as long as you keep your security details such as password and PIN private.

Lastly, your BVN is safe with the bundle as it is only for account verification.

Bundle Africa Supported Countries

The Bundle Africa plan is to support over 30 countries in Africa very soon. Presently, the Bundle app is in these African countries:

  • Nigeria
  • Ghana

And the company is about to expand to other African countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon and so on.

Bundle App Payment Method

These are the lists of payment methods on the Bundle Africa app when you use Cashlink to fund your wallet.

  • Bank Transfer
  • Abeg Wallet app
  • Carbon
  • Chipper Cash app
  • Barter by Flutterwave app
  • Kuda bank
  • Opay
  • Paga
  • Wallets Africa

How to withdraw Money or Naira from the Bundle App

At some point in trading cryptocurrency on the Bundle app, you will need to withdraw cash. You will pay a withdrawal fee of 100 Naira or more.

Below are the steps to withdraw naira or any local currency on Bundle Africa app

  1. Firstly, Open Bundle App
  2. On the wallet dashboard, Tap Withdraw
  3. Next, tap Withdraw with Cashlink
  4. Enter the amount to withdraw
  5. Then, enter your PIN
  6. Choose from the previous payment option or add a new one
  7. Thereafter, select your preferred P2P trader from the list
  8. The partner will credit your account with the amount excluding the withdrawal fee
  9. After receiving the money, tap the Received Button
  10. And lastly, enter the code sent to your phone to confirm the transaction

How to Deposit and Withdraw Crypto on the Bundle app

The Bundle app offers its users the ability to deposit and withdraw crypto coins.

Depositing or receiving crypto coins on the Bundle app is free. However, withdrawing crypto coins on the crypto app comes with a fee.

How to Deposit or Receive Cryptocurrency on Bundle Africa

The Bundle app lets you deposit or receive cryptocurrency for free and these are the steps to follow:

  1. Firstly, open the Bundle app.
  2. On the wallet dashboard, you will see All Assets and Sell all. Tap See all
  3. Choose your preferred crypto from the list. E.g. tap BTC for Bitcoin
  4. Then, tap the Receive button
  5. Lastly, tap copy address or scan the QR code

Presently, these are the crypto coins you can deposit or receive on the Bundle app

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Binance coin
  • Ethereum
  • Tron
  • Chiliz

How to Withdraw Cryptocurrency from Bundle Africa app

Follow these steps to withdraw crypto on Bundle Africa app. In this case, I will use Bitcoin

  1. Firstly, open the Bundle app.
  1. On the wallet dashboard, you will see All Assets and Sell all. Tap See all
  1. Then, choose your preferred crypto from the list. E.g. tap BTC for Bitcoin
  1. Tap the Withdraw button
  1. Lastly, enter the wallet address and tap Withdraw

Presently, these are the crypto coins you can withdraw on the Bundle app

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Binance coin
  • Ethereum
  • Tron
  • Chiliz

How many Crypto coins are on Bundle Africa app?

Presently, the bundle Africa app has 87 crypto coins on its platform that are available for trading. Below is the list of these coins.

Bitcoin (BTC)Ethereum (ETH)BNBDogecoinSolana (SOL)Terra (LUNA)
Ethereum Classic (ETC)Avalanche
Litecoin (LTC)Oasis (ROSE)Tron (TRX)
Ethereum Name Service (ENS)Aragon (ANT)Coin98 (C98)Bonfida (FIDA)MIOTA (IOTA)Flux (FLUX)
Internet Computer
Arweave (AR)Pancake swap (CAKE)Fantom (FTM)Kava (KAVA)Just (JST)
Cosmos (ATOM)Safepal (SFP)FTX (FTT)Chainlink (LINK)Celo (CELO)
Smooth Love Portion
Audius (AUDIO)Chromia (CHR)Gala (GALA)Loopring (LRC)Ripple (XRP)
The Sandbox
Man. City Fan (CITY)The Graph (GRT)Polygon (MATIC)OMG (OMG)
Axie Infinity
Bakery (BAKE)Curve DAO (CRV)GXChain (GXS)Harmony (ONE)Reef (REEF)
NEAR Protocol
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)Dent (DENT)Enjin Coin
Alien Worlds
Holo (HOT)
Shiba Inu (SHIB)Dogecoin (DOGE)SushiSwap (SUSHI)Theta (THETA)Chiliz (CHZ)
BNBDOWNPolkadot (DOT)Syscoin (SYS)VeChain (VET)Sun (SUN)
Algorand (ALGO)BTCUPElrond eGold (EGLD)Uniswap (UNI)Venus (XVS)
My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)BUSDEOS (EOS)Stellar (XLM)Zcash (ZEC)

Bundle Referral Bonus Program

The referral program of the Bundle Africa is an opportunity for new and existing users to get a bonus.

As a new user, when you enter ikunleash as your referral code, you will get a bonus of 1000 naira. The steps on how to get this welcome bonus have been explained above.

Also, as an existing user, you too can invite, your friends to sign up and trade on the Bundle app. When they do, both of you will get a referral bonus.

Check my post on Bundle Africa Referral Code Bonus to learn the full gist.

Bundle Africa Alternatives

Bundle Africa alternatives are:

  • Binance
  • Etoro
  • Coinbase
  • Easy Markets


How to find my Bundle Wallet Address

To find your Bundle wallet address, you need to know which crypto coin you want to receive. After that, go to the crypto coin, tap the coin and tap Recieve. This will bring your Bundle wallet address. Next, copy the address.

Is my crypto coin safe in Bundle App Wallet?

Your crypto coins are safe in the Bundle Africa app, however, use a strong password and keep it private. If you wish to hold on to your crypto coins for a long time and are in doubt of Bundle security measures, you can withdraw your coins to external wallets like Trust wallet and Metamask.

What is the minimum crypto trading amount on Bundle Africa app

The minimum amount you can trade crypto on Bundle Africa app is 10 BUSD

What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal fee on the Bundle Africa app

The minimum deposit and withdrawal fee on the Bundle Africa app is 100. However, in some rare cases, you can pay more than that.

What is the Bundle Africa Dollar exchange rate?

To the current dollar exchange rate on the Bundle app, check BUSD coin price on the app


Bundle Africa is a trusted crypto and cash platform by millions in Nigeria and Africa at large. The ease, number of crypto coins, bonus, and security are reasons why Bundle Africa is one of the best crypto platforms.

Bundle Africa makes it easy to register and trade on its platform.

Within some minutes, I registered, verified, upgraded and started trading on this app. Therefore, I can say Bundle is beginner-friendly.

Also, bundle fees are competitive among crypto broker apps.

However, Bundle Africa is not ideal for a crypto expert trader who needs more advanced features.

Also, a crypto exchange like Binance offers the lowest trading fees one can find.

Overall, the Bundle Africa app is one of the best crypto apps worth having for African residents.

Do you need help or have questions? please comment below.

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