TransferGo Referral Code Bonus UK £20

TransferGo Referral Code: Earn £20 Promo Bonus 2024

Get a £20 sign-up bonus by using this TransferGo referral code – tX9o2Y or link. When you sign up with the promo code and transfer money abroad to someone, you will earn the cash reward instantly. In addition, you can earn more bonuses by inviting friends to sign up on TransferGo.

Find out the full requirements to earn your TransferGo bonus, and other related topics in this guide,

Here is how to get £20 TransferGo bonus by using the code:

Step 1. Sign Up on TransferGo

Begin by signing up on TransferGo using the provided referral link. The link already contains the referral code (tX9o2Y) which qualifies you to earn £20 bonus.

However, if you do not sign up with the link, you can manually enter the TransferGo referral code – tX9o2Y – to get your reward.

Step 2. Enter TransferGo referral code: tX9o2Y

Alternatively, download the TransferGo app on Google Playstore or App Store and enter the referral code (tX9o2Y) during sign-up process.

Provide the necessary information and set up your profile to get started with seamless and secure money transfers.

TransferGo Referral Bonus Program £20

Step 3. Verify Your Account

To enhance security and comply with regulations, verify your account by confirming your email address and submitting a valid document ID. This step ensures the safety of your transactions and qualifies you for the referral bonus.

Step 4. Transfer £100 or More Abroad:

Initiate a money transfer of £100 or more to someone outside the country of your residence. This step not only completes a successful transaction but also meets the minimum requirement for claiming your £20 bonus.

Note: To receive the TransferGo bonus, the transfer must be to some else. Sendinng money abroad to your bank account doest not count

Step 5. Claim Your £20 in Your Earnings Account:

Once you’ve completed the qualifying transfer, head to your TransferGo account to claim your £20 bonus. This amount will be credited to your Earnings account, providing you with extra value for your international transfers.

The Earnings section is located in the TransferGo Menu. Tap on it and swipe to the Earned tab to claim the referral bonus ready for withdrawal.

Note: You must claim your TransferGo bonus within 30 days it appears on the Earning account. If the time elapses, you cannot get your £20 cash again.

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Step 6. TransferGo Credits Your UK Bank Account:

After claiming your bonus, sit back and relax as TransferGo processes your bonus. The £20 will be credited to your UK bank account within 3 business days, giving you tangible savings on your next financial transactions.

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TransferGo Promo Bonus Terms and Conditions

There are requirements new users must follow to get the TransferGo sign-up bonus.

Here is TransferGo £20 bonus terms and conditions:

  1. Sign up with this TransferGo referral link or use promo code tX9o2Y.
  2. Transfer at least £100 to another country within 6 months.
  3. Send amount to someone else account, not yours.
  4. Claim the £20 reward within 30 days.

On TransferGo, transferring money to your account in another country does not count towards receiving the £20 bonus. Instead, you must send the money to someone else’s account.

Also, the £100 transfer amount requirement is cumulative. You do not need to send it at once. When all your money transfers accumulate to £100, TransferGo will send you £20 bonus.

After fulfilling these criteria, your £20 bonus will be available to withdraw in the Earnings section. Go to the section to claim it and TransferGo will send the money to your bank account within 3 days

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TransferGo money transfer coupon code

About TransferGo

TransferGo is an international payment provider in the UK. Through its app and website platform, the FinTech company provide sending money online services to countries around the globe.

Currently, supports transfers to over 160 countries across Europe, Africa, America and Asia. For instance, from the UK, you can send money abroad to the USA, Nigeria, Canada, Poland, Sweden, Nepal, Ghana, Kenya, India, Bangladesh and lots more.

Launched in 2012, TransferGo’s mission is to make international transfer easy and cheap. It offers low transfer fees of money to several countries. Interestingly, TransferGo charge zero fees for sending money to countries like Nigeria. In turn, users get value for their money.

With over 5 million customers using the mobile app and website, TransferGo is one of the popular platforms to send money to friends, families and for business purposes globally.

Also, there are alternative money transfer platforms like TransferGo. Lemonade Finance and Taptap Send are among the few that offer competitive rates and zero fees.

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TransferGo Referral Bonus Program

TransferGo Referral Bonus Program

The TransferGo referral program is available to both new and existing customers to earn cash rewards.

As a new customer, if you follow the steps to get the referral bonus on the TransferGo app stated above, you will receive a £20 sign-up bonus. This welcome bonus is only for new customers who register and meet the conditions stated above. 

TransferGo Refer A Friend 

You can earn money with TransferGo through the Invite and Earn program. Simply refer new users to the platform and make money.

As an existing customer, you can refer your friends to sign up on TransferGo through your referral link. When they join and fulfil the above requirements, both you will both get the £20 promo bonus.

Here is how to copy your TransferGo referral link/code and share it: 

  • Open your TransferGo app 
  • Tap on the gift box icon at the top right corner 
  • Tap Invite to copy the referral link.
  • Or, copy the invite code.
  • Share the referral link/code people.
  • Get rewarded when they register and meet the conditions.

Is TransferGo Legit and Safe? 

TransferGo is a licensed payment provider in the UK and several countries. The company is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an authorised payment institution 600886. Likewise, It is supervised by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) under Money Laundering Regulations.

In addition, the TransferGo platform is safe for sending money abroad. TransferGo also uses SSL technology to secure transactions on the platform. This guarantee your money will be delivered and information is safe.

FAQs on TransferGo Referral Bonus

Final Thoughts 

Overall, the TransferGo referral program compensates both new and existing customers. Using the referral link or code (tX9o2Y) gives you £20 sign-up bonus. Likewise, you can share your TransferGo referral link with your friends and family and get £30 bonus per person.

I hope you find this information helpful. 

Therefore, try it and let me know your experience by dropping comments below. 

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