Sendwave Promo Code Bonus UK (2023): £10 Referral

Sendwave Promo Code UK: Get £10 Signup Bonus (2024)

Sendwave – one of the best money transfer apps – promo code (5ZZVO) gives a £10 ($) bonus to customers. Sign up with the referral code (5ZZVO)or link to get the ten pounds (dollars) and send money to any supported country such as from the UK/USA to Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ghana, Pakistan, Philippines, Kenya etc

In this post, learn how to use the Sendwave coupon code to get £10 bonus and send money online without fees, including requirements and related topics.

Here is the step-by-step guide to get Sendwave £10 promo bonus:

Step 1: Download the Sendwave App:

Begin by downloading the Sendwave app from either the Google Play Store for Android users or the App Store for iOS users.

Search for “Sendwave” in the respective store, and once found, proceed to download and install the app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Create an Account:

After successfully installing the Sendwave app, launch it and tap on Sign up to create your account.

Fill out the form by providing necessary details which include:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • New password
  • Sending country

Ensure you enter information, accept the terms and conditions and tap the sign up button to create your Sendwave account.

Step 3: Enter Sendwave Promo Code 5ZZVO:

Sendwave promo code is 5ZZVO. Enter the unique coupon code “5ZZVO” in the promo box to activate your £10 transfer bonus. This step is crucial to unlocking the £10 referral bonus.

Sendwave Promo Code to get £10/$10 Bonus

Step 4: Receive £10 Bonus:

Upon entering the promo code, you will receive a £10 bonus. Sendwave will credit your account with this bonus which you can use in your next money transfers.

Sendwave will also display this message to confirm you have received the £10 referral bonus:
£10 credit will be applied to your next transfer

Step 5: Send Money to the Bank Account:

Once your Sendwave account is set up, you can send money to family and friends. Enter recipient’s bank account, currency and amount to transfer.

Sendwave will automatically applied the £10 bonus during this international transaction, providing you with a discount on the transfer.

By following these simple steps, you not only gain access to the reliable and efficient money transfer services offered by Sendwave but also benefit from a £10 referral promo bonus, enhancing the value of your transactions. Enjoy secure and cost-effective international money transfers with Sendwave!

How to use Sendwave Promo Code

If you missed the Sendwave promo code, don’t fret. You can still manually enter the Sendwave referral promo code (5ZZVO) to get £10 before your first transfer.

Here is how to manually use Sendwave promo code to get £10:

1. Tap Sendwave App Profile Icon:

Once the Sendwave app is open, navigate to the bottom of the screen and locate the Profile icon. Click on the Profile icon to access your account settings.

2. Tap Enter Promo Code and enter 5ZZVO:

Within your profile settings, look for the “Enter Promo Code” option. Tap on this option to open the promo code input box. Enter the discount code “5ZZVO” manually into the box to get your bonus. Be sure to input the code accurately.

3. Receive £10 Bonus:

After successfully entering the coupon code (5ZZVO), you should receive the £10 bonus immediately. Sendwave will also display a notification on the app to confirm your £10 credit which will be applied on your next money transfer.

Here is a screenshot example of the Sendwave promo bonus message you will see on the app:

How to use Promo Code on Sendwave

It show this message: £10 credit will be added to next next transfer

4. Transfer Money Abroad:

With the promo code applied, proceed to send money through the Sendwave app. During the transaction process, you should see the £10 promo bonus applied to your total amount.

You will get your Sendwave £10 referral bonus by following these steps.

Sendwave Promo Bonus Requirements

As a new Sendwave customer, it is important to not that there are conditions to get the Sendwave sign-up bonus.

Here is the Sendwave app promo bonus requirements:

  1. Sign up with this Sendwave app referral link:
    To get Sendwave promo bonus, you can create an account using this Sendwave link. This link may be shared with you by an existing user or found on promotional material. Click on the referral link to initiate the sign-up process.
  2. Alternatively, enter 5ZZVO in the promo code box:
    Another method to get Sendwave promo bonus is to manually enter the promo code “5ZZVO” on the app. Look for the promo code box within the app and ensure that you input the code accurately to get the bonus.
  3. Transfer any amount to recipient country:
    After successfully signing up and applying the promo code, initiate a money transfer through the Sendwave app. Transfer any amount to the recipient country and the bonus will be applied.
    For instance, if you send £5, the recipient which can be your family, friend or business, will receive £15.

Hence, when you use the Sendwave promo code, £10 will be added to your next transfer.

About Sendwave

Sendwave is a fintech app for sending money abroad and converting currency online. With the Sendwave app, you can transfer money to family and friends in Africa, Asia and America. For instance transfer money from the UK, USA to Nigeria, India, Ghana, Philippines, Senegal, Cameroon, and Kenya.

Founded in 2014, Sendwave is truly an international remittance company to over 120 countries. With over 1 million customers using the mobile app, Sendwave is providing fast, fair, reliable international payments to migrants thereby saving money.

With the Sendwave app, you get one of the best currency exchange rates for sending money to other countries and other benefits.

Apart from the Sendwave app, there are other money transfer apps offering similar competitive currency rates. These include Taptap Send App, Lemonade Finance (Lemfi) app TransferGo, and ACE money transfer. These fintech apps offer good exchange rates for sending money abroad at no charge.

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Sendwave Referral Program

The Sendwave money transfer referral program is available for new and existing customers.

As a new customer, if you follow the steps to get a referral bonus on the Sendwave app stated above, you will receive a £10 ($,€) sign-up bonus depending on your country of residence.

This sign-up bonus is only for new customers who register and meet the condition

Sendwave Referral Bonus £10

Sendwave Invite A Friend and Earn £10

The Sendwave Invite Friends referral program is for all Sendwave customers. Every customer can invite friends and earn a referral bonus of £10. To get this bonus, your friends must sign up with your Sendwave referral link or code and then transfer money. Then, both of you will get £10 each from Sendwave.

How to Withdraw Sendwave Referral Promo Bonus

Indeed, you can withdraw your Sendwave £10 promo bonus to a bank account. To do this, initiate a transfer to your bank account in the recipient country and receive it instantly.

For instance, if you a Nigerian currently residing in the UK, withdraw the Sendwave promo bonus by sending the money to your bank account in Nigeria.

This means you can only withdraw the Sendwave referral bonus outside and your residing country and not witthin. However, there is an indirect method.

To withdraw the Sendwave promo bonus to a UK bank account or residing country, use this method:

  • Find someone willing to send money to another country such as your friend.
  • Send the money on behalf of the person by using the Sendwave bonus.
  • Then, the person transfer the money to your UK bank account or residing country.

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FAQs on Sendwave Promo Bonus

Final Thoughts

Overall, Sendwave app is one of the best international money transfer apps. Its exchange rate is quite competitive with other money transfer platforms. In addition, Sendwave gives £10 sign-up bonus.

Therefore, try it and let me know your experience.

Lastly, let me know your opinion by dropping comments below.

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