ACE Money Transfer Referral Code Bonus £50 Promo

ACE Money Transfer Coupon Code: Get £50 Referral Bonus 2024

ACE Money transfer coupon code is 2979515. Use the referral link or code to get a £50 (or equivalent in your local currency) promo bonus when you sign up and send money abroad. Also, invite your friends to earn a reward.

Find out the steps to get your referral bonus, requirements and related topics in this post.

Here are the steps to get the ACE money transfer £50 coupon bonus:

1. Sign Up with ACE Money Transfer

Click on this ACE Money Transfer link to sign up for a new account. The coupon code to get your £50 reward is automatically applied with this link.

Alternatively, you can download the ACE Money Transfer app from Google Play Store or App Store. Then manually enter the promo code (2979515) during the registration process.

2. Create Your Account

After clicking the link or downloading the ACE Money Transfer app, tap on “Create Account.” This

This will take you to the next page to fill out the required information in the registration form. Here is the information ACE will ask you:

  • Email
  • Password
  • Sending country
  • Phone number
  • Receiving Country
ACE create account

3. Enter Referral Code 2979515

During the registration process, you’ll see “Do you have a referral code?” Tap on the box to enter the coupon code “2979515“. This unlocks your ACE money transfer signup bonus.

Thereafter, tap on Create Account button to finish registering your ACE account profile.

ACE money transfer referral coupon code

4. Send £200 or More Abroad:

Once your ACE Money Transfer account is set up, initiate a money transfer of £200 or more abroad to receive your £50 welcome bonus.

You do not have to transfer £200 at once to get your sign-up bonus. It is cumulative: when all your international transfers reach £200 on the app, ACE will reward you with £50.

For instance, you can send £70 now, £100 next and £30 later

Here is how to send money abroad online with the ACE app:

  1. Tap on Send Money.
  2. Select Recipient Country
  3. Enter the amount to send
  4. Tap Select/Add Receiver to enter receiver bank account details
  5. Select Payment Method: Debit card, online bank transfer or Google Pay.
  6. Choose Sending Reason
  7. Lastly, tap Pay to transfer the money

Note: When you are transferring money first time on the ACE money transfer app, you will be required to upload your identity document to fully verify your account. This photography ID can be your passport, resident permit card or driving license.

5. Claim Your £50 Bonus:

After completing the transfer, ACE will credit your account with a £50 offer. This money is called credits on the app which you can use on your next transfer abroad.

ACE Money Transfer Bonus Requirements

To receive the ACE money transfer £50 discount, there are guidelines new customers must follow.

Here are the requirements to get the ACE money transfer coupon bonus:

  1. Register with this ACE money transfer referral link.
    The coupon is automatically applied to the link which gives you £50.
  2. Alternatively, download the app and enter promo code “2979515“:
    During sign-up, enter the code in the referral box to activate your bonus.
  3. Transfer £200 or more to any ACE receiving country:
    It is compulsory to send abroad this amount or more to earn your reward.

When you fulfil these conditions, ACE Money Transfer will add £50 to your credit balance.

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ACE money transfer promo code

About Ace Money Transfer

ACE Money Transfer provides global remittance services. With the ACE app, you can send money to 100+ receiving countries from the UK, USA and Europe. To countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal etc. You could also use this fintech app to convert money from one currency to another; for example, pounds (GBP) to Naira (NGN).

With offices in the UK Europe, Australia and Asia, Ace Money Transfer is truly an international money transfer platform. With over 100,000 customers using the mobile app, ACE provides customers a quick, secure and cost-effective money transfer experience.

Apart from ACE money transfer, other apps offer competitive currency rates and zero fees. These include Taptap Send App, TransferGo, NALA Money, and Lemonade Finance (Lemfi) app. These apps give good exchange rates for sending money abroad at no charge.

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How to Use ACE Transfer Bonus Credit

To use the ACE promo bonus, you must add it to the money you want to transfer on the app.

Here is how to use and withdraw ACE money transfer bonus:

  • Open the ACE money transfer app
  • Tap Send Money icon
  • Enter the amount to send
  • Then, tap on Use Credit?
  • The bonus amount will reflect and proceed to make the payment
ACE credit bonus

Also, a maximum of 50% of your transaction can only be from your bonus account.

ACE Money Transfer Referral Program

The ACE money transfer referral program is available for new and existing customers to earn cash rewards.

As a new customer, if you follow the steps on how to get a referral bonus on the ACE app stated above, you will receive a £50 ($ or €) sign-up bonus depending on your country of residence.

ACE Invite Friends and Earn £50

The ACE money transfer Invite Friends referral program is for all ACE customers. Every customer can invite friends and earn a referral bonus of £50. To get this bonus, you must invite 3 friends to sign up and transfer at least £200. Thereafter, you will get £50 in your ACE app credit account. Interestingly, you keep getting £50 for every 3 friends that register through you and fulfil the conditions.

ACE Money Transfer Referral Code Bonus £50 Promo

Withdraw ACE Money Transfer Bonus

You can withdraw your ACE money Transfer bonus by sending it to your bank account in the receiving country.

The ACE app offers international money transfers only. It does not allow customers to send money within the residing country. Hence, you cannot send your coupon bonus to your residing bank account directly

Another method to withdraw your ACE money transfer bonus is by doing a transfer for someone else. For instance, If your friend wants to send money to another country available on ACE, effect the transfer for your friend. Then, get your cash or transfer it into your bank account.

Note: to withdraw all your ACE money transfer bonus, you must send twice the amount abroad. For example, to withdraw your £50 credit bonus, you must transfer at least £100 to use all the bonus amount.

According to ACE, a credit bonus cannot exceed 50% of the total money transfer. So if you send £80 abroad, you can only add £40 from the bonus credit account.

FAQs on ACE Money Transfer Bonus

Final Thoughts

Overall, ACE money transfer is one of the best apps for sending money around the globe. Its exchange rate is quite competitive among other platforms for sending money to different countries. In addition, ACE gives £50 bonus to customers.

Therefore, try it and let me know your experience.

Lastly, let me know your opinion by dropping comments below.

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