Sendwave Banks in Nigeria to Receive Money: NGN, USD & Cash

Sendwave Banks in Nigeria to Receive Money: NGN, USD & Cash

While you can use Sendwave to send money to Nigeria, it is important to know supported banks by this money transfer app.

There are many banks in Nigeria one can use to receive money from Sendwave. Although it supports a few banks for USD and cash pickup, Sendwave accepts most banks in Nigeria. Some of these banks include Access Bank, GT Bank, Zenith Bank and Fidelity Bank.

Learn about all Nigerian banks approved by Sendwave for each payout method including related topics.

What is Sendwave

Sendwave is an online platform for international money transfers. With the app, you can conveniently send money from countries in North America and Europe (USA, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, and Ireland) to countries in Africa, Asia etc.

Founded in 2014, Sendwave has gained prominence as a fast and reliable global money transfer service. The app is simple to use, providing real-time exchange rates for over 1 million users sending money abroad.

For instance, if you are sending NGN or USD to Nigeria, Sendwave displays the current exchange rate of this currency; so you know the amount the recipient will receive.

Also, when you transfer money on the Sendwave app, the recipient gets it in minutes without delay. This is why Sendwave is one of the best apps for sending money to countries like Nigeria.

In Nigeria, Sendwave has 3 payout methods for recipients. Here are the 3 ways to receive money through Sendwave banks:

  • Naira Bank account
  • Cash Pickup recipient
  • USD Bank account

Sendwave Banks for Naira Account

Sendwave Banks for Naira Account

In terms of receiving Naira, Sendwave supports most Nigerian bank accounts. Here is the list of the banks:

9 Payment Service BankAB Microfinance BankAccess Bank
Accelerex Network LimitedAccess Diamond Bank PlcAmju unique MFB
Citibank Nigeria LimitedEcobank NigeriaCarbon
Evangel Microfinance BankEyowoeTranzact
Fidelity Bank PlcFirst City Monument BankFirst Bank
FlutterwaveGoMoneyGT Bank
Heritage BankHope PSBJaiz Bank
Interswitch LimitedKuda BankKeystone Bank
Kredi Money MFBMainland MFBLapo MFB
Nova Merchant BankNownow DigitalNPF MFB
Providus BankPALMPAYParrallex Bank
Pay attitude OnlinePaystackOPay
Regent MFBPolaris BankProvidus Bank
Safehaven MFBStanbic IBTCTaj Bank
Standard Chartered BankTeamapt LimitedUBA
Union Bank NigeriaUnity BankWema Bank
Yes MFBZenith Bank

Sendwave USD Cash Pickup in Nigeria

Sendwave Banks for USD Pickup

There are selected Sendwave banks in Nigeria that offer USD cash pickups. Here are such banks that can receive money sent from Sendwave:

  • Access Bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • Fidelity Bank

Sendwave Banks for USD Account

Sendwave Banks for USD Account

Currently in Nigeria, Sendwave supports few domiciliary bank accounts. Here are the banks that can receive USD from Sendwave:

  • Access Bank
  • First Bank
  • Guarantee Trust Bank (GT Bank)

Best Sendwave banks in Nigeria

Sendwave partnered with certain Nigerian banks, making it easy to send money to their accounts. Here are the best banks to receive money from Sendwave in Nigeria:

  • Access Bank: Access Bank is the top bank on Sendwave to receive money as it supports all 3 payout methods on Sendwave. With Access Bank, you can collect USD cash pickup, receive USD in the Access domiciliary account and get paid into its Naira account.
  • GT Bank: GT Bank is also one of the best Sendwave banks in Nigeria as it accepts 2 payout methods on Sendwave. With a GTBank domiciliary account, you can receive USD from Sendwave. Likewise, transfer money to GTB Naira accounts from the Sendwave app.
  • First Bank: First Bank is among the Sendwave best banks in Nigeria. A First Bank USD domiciliary account can receive funds from the app. Also, can pay money into a First Bank Naira account from the Sendwave.
  • Zenith Bank: Zenith Bank is one of the best Sendwave banks in Nigeria. A Zenith Naira account holder can receive money from Sendwave. Also, a Sendwave recipient can collect USD cash from any Zenith bank branch.
  • Fidelity Bank: With Fidelity Bank, one can receive money from Sendwave through USD cash pick-up to a Naira account.

Is Sendwave Available in Nigeria?

Yes, Sendwave is available in Nigeria. The app allows users in Nigeria to conveniently send and receive money internationally, offering a streamlined and reliable platform for cross-border transactions.

Sendwave seems not available in Nigeria because the Naira Bank account payout method is not working on the app. Currently, Sendwave disables this feature, making transferring money to a Nigerian Naira bank account unavailable. This move is due to CBN regulations

However, the other two methods of sending money to Nigeria are still available on Sendwave. First, you can select the USD account option to send money to a Domiciliary account in Nigeria. Alternatively, select USD cash pickup and the recipient will receive the USD cash from a specific Sendwave bank in Nigeria.

FAQs on Sendwave Banks in Nigeria

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about banks supported by Sendwave:

Which Bank can I use for Sendwave in Nigeria?

The bank you can use on Sendwave depends on the selected payout method. For instance, If you are sending money to a Naira account, you can choose any bank in Nigeria on Sendwave. However, if you are transferring to a USD domiciliary account, you can only choose Access Bank, First Bank and GT Bank.

Does Zenith Bank use Sendwave?

Yes, Zenith Bank works with Sendwave. A Sendwave receiver can withdraw USD cash from a Zenith Bank branch. Also, receive money into a Zenith Naira account from Sendwave.

Does GTBank accept Sendwave?

Yes, GTBank accepts funds from Sendwave. You can send USD to a GTBank Domiciliary account or transfer NGN to the Naira account.

How much does Sendwave charge per transaction?

Sendwave charges a fee for USD transactions but not NGN. Sendwave will charge you a 1% transaction fee for sending money to a USD domiciliary account or cash pickup. However, Sendwave does not charge a fee when you transfer money to a Naira bank account in Nigeria.

Why is Sendwave not sending money to Nigeria?

Sendwave is sending money to Nigeria but not entirely. Currently, with Sendwave, you cannot send money to a Naira account in Nigeria. However, you can send money to a USD account or do a USD cash pick

Additional Information

If you cannot use Sendwave to send money to a Nigerian Bank account, try other money transfer apps. Here are some best apps for sending Naira to Nigeria from abroad:

  • Lemonade Finance (Lemfi): With the LemFi app, you can send Naira to a Nigeria bank account and also convert money to UK, USA, Canadian currency etc. Read on how to sign up and get the LemFi bonus.
  • Taptap Send: Taptap Send is a straightforward app for sending money directly to a Nigerian Naira account. Check on Taptap Send signup Bonus & Coupon.
  • Nala Money app: Nala money transfer app offers competitive exchange rates when sending money to Nigeria. Sign-up and and get NALA cash bonus.
  • ACE Money Transfer: ACE offers both Naira and USD payout methods to Nigerian bank accounts. To get started, read about the ACE Money Transfer bonus and discount
  • OA Pay: Using the OA Pay app, you can conveniently transfer money to any Nigerian bank account in Naira. Here is a post on the OA Pay sign-up process and promo bonus

These money transfer apps offer competitive exchange rates to Naira and deliver fast to bank accounts.


In summary, there are different banks available on Sendwave to receive money in Nigeria. Depending on the payout method, you can have a few or several options.

For example, Sendwave supports over 50 banks to receive money in Nigeria but only 3 banks for a USD account and cash pickup.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Therefore, try it and let me know your experience by leaving a message in the comment section below or Facebook page.

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