How to Find Ecobank Account Number Online

How to Find Ecobank Account Number Online (2023)

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Apart from using the USSD code to check your Ecobank account number, there are other ways to find it online.

There are various ways to find your Ecobank account number online. Options like the Ecobank mobile app, email alerts and monthly e-statements contain the Ecobank account number details you are searching for. All these online methods of checking the Ecobank account number are without cost or using an ATM card and USSD PIN.

Learn about using these options to check your account number from Ecobank easily.

How to Check Ecobank Account Number Online Using Mobile App 

The Ecobank mobile app is a digital banking application for managing accounts and finances on a smartphone.

With the Ecobank mobile app, you can find your account number details easily. When you log in to the app with your password, your unique Ecobank account number is displayed on the dashboard. It is that simple!

However, if you do not have the Ecobank mobile app to view the account number, download it on the Google Play Store or App Store. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users. The next step is to activate the Ecobank mobile app on your phone. Thereafter, you are free to use the Ecobank app; for instance, check your account number.

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How to Check Ecobank Account Number Online Using Mobile App

How to Find Ecobank Account Number with Email Alert

Ecobank email alert is an automatic transaction notification by the bank sent to a customer’s email address. It contains account balance, credit/debit amount and account number details.

So, if you subscribe to this email transaction alert, you will find your Ecobank account number in it. To check, go to your email box and search for any of the transaction alerts from Ecobank. You can type in “Ecobank” to streamline your search. Open the specific email to see your Ecobank account details.

How to Find Ecobank Account Number with E-Statement

How to Find Ecobank Account Number with E-Statement

Ecobank account e-statement is an electronic file that contains an account number, transactions and opening and closing balance. Every Ecobank customer gets a monthly statement of account in their email box

At the beginning of each month, you will receive the Ecobank account statement of the previous month in your email box. In this monthly account e-statement, you find your unique Ecobank account number.

Note that this Ecobank e-statement, in PDF format, is password protected. The password to open this file is the last 4 digits of your Ecobank account number. Therefore, if you cannot remember it, you cannot open the Ecobank e-statement to check your account number.


In summary, the Ecobank mobile app, email alert and account statement are ways to find your account number online. With your internet-connected smartphone, you can quickly retrieve your account number without using the Ecobank USSD banking method.

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