How to Check Ecobank Account Number on Phone USSD code

How to Check Ecobank Account Number on Phone: USSD Code & Others

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Looking for how to check your Ecobank account number without going to the bank but sadly, do not know how? This post explores many ways to do just that!  

You can quickly check your Eco bank account number on your phone by dialling USSD code *326*0# or using the online method through the mobile app without an ATM debit card. Even, without a PIN, you can retrieve your Ecobank account details. 

Therefore, find out in this post available options for checking Ecobank account number, requirements, and related topics. 

Ecobank Account Number 

An Ecobank account is a 10-digit unique NUBAN number given to each customer after opening a bank account. Your account number is like your phone number meaning nobody has the same number. Eco bank account number can starts with 12 or other digits followed by the rest 9 digits. 

Ideally, you can find your Ecobank account number in your bank statement (e.g. email), mobile app, internet banking and cheques. However, if you cannot remember your account number or lost it where you wrote it, dial the USSD code to retrieve it. 

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How to Check Ecobank Account Balance using USSD Code 

One quick way to check the Ecobank account number is by dialling the USSD code on phone and following the instructions. 

Follow these steps to check Ecobank account number using the USSD code

  1. Dial *326*0# on your phone. 
  1. Enter your 4-digit PIN
  1. Lastly, receive your account number details. 

Note that as a first-timer, you must activate the Ecobank USSD code and create your unique PIN to check your account number. 

The code only works on a phone number linked to your Ecobank account. Therefore, you can dial the USSD code to check your Ecobank account number on Airtel, Glo, Mtn or 9 mobile networks in Nigeria. 

Indeed, using this Eco bank code *326*0# to check your account number is the best option if you want to retrieve it without using online banking, mobile app or going to a bank

How to Check Ecobank Account Number Online 

You can check your Ecobank bank account number online through the Ecobank mobile app. It is simple as opening the app, entering your login details, and viewing the details. Apart from these, you can perform various transactions on the Eco bank mobile app such as transferring money, buying airtime and checking your account balance. 

Of course, you can check your Eco bank account number on the mobile app without having an ATM debit card.  

However, if this is your first time using the Ecobank mobile app, you must activate it to view your account number. 

Eco bank USSD code to check account number

How to Check Eco Bank Account Number via SMS 

When you dial the Ecobank bank USSD code *326*0# to check your account number, you receive it via an SMS on your mobile phone. Ecobank bank does not have a special message you can send to a dedicated number like First Bank account number SMS code.  

Therefore, if you want to check your Eco bank account number via SMS, dial *326*0#, follow the instructions and you will receive the details as a message to your phone. 

How to Check Eco bank Account Number without PIN 

To check your account number without a PIN, visit any Ecobank branch around you. Because, without a PIN or ATM card, you cannot get your Eco bank account number using the USSD code, mobile app and internet banking on your phone.  

For instance, you need a PIN to use *326# for transactions such as checking your Ecobank account balance or number. 

Furthermore, you need login details which include a PIN to find your account number on Ecobank mobile app.  

A PIN exists to secure your bank account by preventing someone from authorising a transaction without having the secret codes. This is the reason Eco bank will prompt you to create a PIN when activating the USSD code, mobile app, and internet banking. 

Can you use BVN to Get your Eco bank Account Number? 

You do not need to use BVN to check your Ecobank account number. Ecobank bank would not ask for it. And entering your BVN cannot retrieve your Eco bank account number or other bank accounts number linked to it. 

So, instead of BVN, you use your PIN or ATM card details to check your Eco bank account number with a USSD code, mobile app, or customer care. 

However, if the reason to use BVN to check your Ecobank account number is that you have no ATM card (or lost) and PIN, visit any Eco bank branch. Go to the customer care unit and a representative will assist you to get your Ecobank account number. 

Can you Retrieve Eco bank Account Number without ATM Debit Card? 

If you have activated the USSD code, you can check your Ecobank bank account number without an ATM card. After dialling *326*0#, you will enter your PIN, not your ATM card details. An ATM debit card is only useful to activate the USSD banking code for the first time. 

Also, you can check your Ecobank account number without an ATM card online through the mobile app. That is if you have registered the app. 

How to Check Account Number through Ecobank Customer Care 

Another way to check your account number is by contacting Ecobank customer care online or offline. Or do you think something is wrong with the Eco bank USSD code? 

Here are the Ecobank bank customer care channels to check account number: 

  • Ecobank Customer Care Number: +234 (0) 700 500 0000, +234 (0) 708 065 3700 or +234 (0) 1 270 1323. 
  • Facebook: EcobankNigeria
  • Twitter: @ecobank_nigeria
  • Ecobank Bank WhatsApp Number: +234 808 760 3717. 
  • Email:
  • Ecobank Physical bank: Visit the customer care unit. 

You could easily contact Ecobank online, such as on social media, if it is not convenient to visit the physical bank branch.

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In summary, you can quickly check your Ecobank bank account number by dialing *326*0# on your mobile phone and receiving it as an SMS. Some useful online methods include the mobile app and customer care channels. 

However, if nothing works to recover your Eco bank account number, then visit any Eco bank bank branch to check your account details without an ATM card or a PIN. 

I hope you find this information helpful. 

Therefore, try it and let me know your experience by leaving a message in the comment section below. 

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