How to Block Ecobank ATM Debit Card with USSD Code & online

Block Ecobank ATM Card using Phone USSD Code: Lost or Stolen

The USSD code is one of the easiest methods to block an Ecobank ATM card in Nigeria. As an Ecobank customer, no need to worry if your ATM card is stolen or missing even your phone; you can cancel it immediately from your phone or another phone number. Simply dial the code and follow the on-screen method to disable it and secure your bank account funds.

In this post, you will learn the following about deactivating Ecobank ATM on USSD code:

  • How to block Ecobank ATM using USSD code on your registered phone number
  • USSD code to block Ecobank debit card from another phone number
  • Requirements to disable Ecobank ATM card using the USSD code
  • Why deactivate Ecobank card and its benefits.
  • Alternative methods to cancel Ecobank debit card
  • and lots more

Here is how to block Ecobank ATM card using USSD code on your phone:

Step 1: Dial *326*911# on Your Phone

Dial *326*911# on your phone number; the one linked to your Ecobank account to initiate the ATM physical card blocking process.

This USSD code is your gateway to block your Ecobank ATM card and secure your bank account quickly.

Note: This Ecobank code to cancel the ATM card works on major networks in Nigeria. You can dial *326*911# on your Airtel, Mtn, Glo or 9 mobile phone network.

How to Block Ecobank ATM Debit Card with USSD Code

Step 2: Select the Block Card Option

When you dial the USSD code (*326*911#) on your Ecobank linked phone number, you will be see a menu of blocking options.

Navigate to the “Block Card” which is option 2 to specifically block your Ecobank debit card.

This is the option that helps you disable your ATM card from your Ecobank account to safeguard your money.

Step 3: Enter Your USSD PIN

Once you select “Block Card” option, the system will prompt you to enter your USSD PIN. Then, enter your Ecobank 5-digit USSD PIN correctly to confirm deactivating your ATM plastic card.

This USSD PIN is a personal identification number you set during activating Ecobank USSD code/mobile app for added security. Hence, Input the correct PIN to authenticate the card blocking request.

Step 4: Receive Confirmation

Upon successful completion of the card blocking process, you will receive a confirmation message from Ecobank on your mobile phone.

A message will pop up on your phone indicating the process is completed successfully. Also, Ecobank will send you an SMS that your ATM debit card is deactivated from your bank account.

Receiving this message from Ecobank confirms your debit card is cancelled and your account is secured. Therefore, no one can use your stolen or missing card to access your Ecobank account and steal your funds.

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How to Block Ecobank ATM Card from Another Phone

How to Block Ecobank ATM Card from Another Phone

Blocking of Ecobank plastic cards is also possible from another phone. In case you lost your phone (or missing) you can freeze your debit card from another phone number or network. Here is how:

Step 1: Dial *326*911*2*PhoneNumber#

To block your Ecobank ATM card from another phone number, dial *326*911*2*RegisteredPhoneNumber#.

Enter this specific USSD code from any phone number or network to initiate the Ecobank ATM card blocking process.

Note: You can dial *326*911*PhoneNumber# on Airtel, Mtn, Glo or 9 mobile on another phone to cancel your Ecobank debit card.

Step 2: Enter Your USSD PIN

Once you dial *326*911*2*RegisteredPhoneNumber# on another phone, the system will prompt you to enter your USSD PIN. Enter your Ecobank 5-digit USSD PIN correctly to confirm blocking your ATM.

Step 3: Receive Confirmation

Upon successful completion of the card blocking process, you will receive a confirmation message from Ecobank on your mobile phone.

Ecobank will send an SMS to confirm the physical card is deactivated successfully. This secures your bank account from scammers who may want to withdraw your money through the ATM card.

Requirements to Block Ecobank Debit Card

Ecobank ATM Card

There are specific instructions to freeze an Ecobank debit card. Indeed, it is mandatory you do these things to successfully disable your ATM card. Here are the requirements:

  1. Dial *326*911# on Your Phone: To block your ATM card from your own phone, Ecobank requires you to enter this specific USSD code (*326*911#).
    This way, you can cancel your ATM card from the phone number linked to your Ecobank account and secure your account if you lost it (or missing).
  2. Enter *326*911*2*PhoneNumber# from another phone: If you are deactivating your Ecobank ATM card from another phone, you must enter *326*911*2*PhoneNumber#.
    Dial this code from any phone apart from your Ecobank registered phone number to secure your bank account.
  3. Enter your unique USSD PIN: To confirm deactivating your Ecobank plastic card, you must enter your USSD PIN.
    This is an added security layer to authenticate your Ecobank debit card blocking requests from someone else initiating the process.
  4. Have sufficient airtime: Using the USSD code to suspend an Ecobank ATM card involves airtime, hence, you must have enough credit on your phone.
    You must have at least ₦6.98 to use the USSD code block your ATM card. This is a mobile network fee and not from Ecobank.

Reasons to Deactivate Ecobank ATM Card

Disabling your Ecobank ATM card is a crucial step to safeguard your finances and prevent unauthorized access to your funds. Here are several reasons why you should block your Ecobank ATM card quickly:

1. Mitigate Loss or Theft

A lost or stolen Ecobank ATM card is a potential disaster to your bank account.

Details like your name, ATM card number, CVV and expiry date expose your bank account to fraud if not blocked promptly.

But by deactivating the card from your Ecobank account, you mitigate losing your money to fraudsters

2. Prevent Unauthorised Transactions

Blocking your Ecobank ATM card immediately prevents unauthorised individuals from using it for withdrawals, purchases, or any financial transactions, reducing the risk of financial loss.

No one can use a blocked Ecobank physical card on POS, ATM or online to purchase items or withdraw money. With this, your account is safe as unauthorized users cannot exploit your card for fraudulent purposes.

3. Maintain Account Security

Deactivating the debit card contributes to your overall bank account security. It ensures only you can access and perform transactions with your Ecobank account.

Benefits of Blocking Ecobank ATM card using USSD code

Eco bank USSD code

Ecobank USSD code is a convenient mobile banking platform with several benefits. With an option to block the ATM card, it is ideal for customers that want to secure their account promptly. Here are the key advantages:

1. Immediate Response to Security Threats

Using the USSD code to block your Ecobank ATM card allows for an immediate response to security threats such as card loss or theft.

No need to visit the bank to deactivate card which takes time; simply dial the code on a phone to block your ATM card swiftly.

The process is quick, and the card is blocked instantly, minimizing the window of vulnerability.

2. 24/7 Accessibility

Ecobank USSD code is available for use 24/7, providing round-the-clock accessibility.

This means that regardless of the time or location, you can initiate the card blocking process promptly when you become aware of a security concern.

3. Convenience and Speed

The use of USSD codes for disabling your Ecobank ATM card is a fast and convenient method.

It eliminates the need to visit a physical branch or make a phone call, allowing you to take immediate action using your mobile phone.

4. Enhanced Security Features

Through its USSD PIN feature, the Ecobank USSD code is a secured platform for banking transactions. Every transaction initiated with the USSD code, including the blocking of Ecobank ATM card, must be authorised by entering a USSD PIN.

This ensures that only individuals with access to both the physical card and the associated USSD PIN can initiate the blocking process.

5. Cost-Effective Solution

Utilizing the USSD code for deactivating your Ecobank card is a cost-effective solution compared to alternative methods.

For instance, it reduces the cost of calling Ecobank customer support or visiting the Bank branch to block your ATM physical card.

Tips to protect your Ecobank ATM card

Protecting your Ecobank ATM card is crucial to ensure the security of your financial assets. Here are some essential tips to safeguard your Ecobank ATM card:

1. Keep Your Card Secure

Always keep your Ecobank ATM card in a secure location, such as a wallet or a cardholder. Avoid leaving it exposed or unattended, and never share your card with strangers.

2. Memorise Your PIN

Memorise your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and avoid writing it down. Refrain from sharing your PIN with anyone, and do not choose easily guessable numbers like birthdays or consecutive sequences.

3. Regularly Monitor Your Account

Stay vigilant by regularly monitoring your account statements. Reviewing your transaction history allows you to identify any unauthorised or suspicious transactions promptly.

4. Enable Account Alerts

Take advantage of Ecobank’s account alert services. Configure notifications for transactions, balance updates, and other account activities.

This provides real-time alerts in case of any unusual or unauthorised card usage.

5. Secure Online Transactions

When making online transactions, ensure that the websites are secure (look for “https://” in the URL). Avoid saving card details on websites and use secure Wi-Fi connections for online activities.

6. Protect Your Personal Information

Be cautious when sharing personal information related to your ATM card, such as card number, PIN, or CVV, especially in public places. Only provide this information when necessary and to trusted entities.

7. Report Lost or Stolen Cards Immediately

If your Ecobank ATM physical card is lost or stolen, report it to the bank immediately.

Use the designated channels, such as the USSD code or customer support, to block the card and prevent unauthorized transactions.

Alternative Methods to Block Ecobank ATM Card

Blocking Ecobank using the USSD code format is quick and easy, however, there are alternative methods. Some of these method are even more convenient than using the code. Here are alternatives

1. Ecobank Mobile App

Ecobank mobile app

Ecobank often provides a dedicated mobile banking app that allows users to manage their accounts, including blocking or unblocking their ATM cards.

If the Ecobank mobile app is activated on your phone, log in to it to block your card. Select the Help option from the Menu, select Block debit card and follow the prompts to stop your ATM card.

To understand better, read How to Block Ecobank ATM card on mobile app

This Ecobank online banking method offers a convenient and user-friendly interface for managing card security.

2. Ecobank Customer Care Number

Contacting Ecobank customer care on the phone is another reliable method to suspend your ATM card.

Call any of these Ecobank phone numbers 0700 500 0000, 01 277 2904, 0708 065 3700 to speak to a representative about disabling your debit card.

They will guide you through the process of blocking your card and may also provide additional assistance if needed.

3. Ecobank Social Media Page

Ecobank, through its social media pages also offers customer support, attending to and resolving various queries.

Send a direct message (DM) to the Eco bank’s social media account – Twitter or Facebook – explaining the situation and requesting assistance to block your ATM card.

Ensure you are interacting with the verified and official social media accounts of Ecobank to maintain security.

Note: Always send a DM to the Ecobank social media page for queries. Do not use the comment section to request blocking your ATM card. By this, you avoid revealing your sensitive information to scammers online.

4. Ecobank Branch


If you prefer a face-to-face interaction or if other methods are not accessible, you can visit the nearest Ecobank branch.

Speak with a bank representative at the customer service desk, provide identification, and request assistance in blocking your ATM card. The staff will guide you through the necessary steps.

5. SMS (Short Message Service)

Ecobank has a specific SMS command customers can use to deactivate their ATM card.

To block it, open your phone message app and type “STOP ATM”, type your Ecobank Account Number and send to 08063262265 (0806ECOBANK)

For example, type STOP ATM, 08012345890 and send the SMS to 08063262265. Shortly, Ecobank will process your request and send a successful blocking message to your phone number.

This method is simple and can be done using any mobile phone with SMS capabilities.


Here are answers to frequently asked questions on deactivating Ecobank debit card with a USSD code:


Blocking your Ecobank ATM card using USSD is a quick and efficient way to enhance the security of your financial assets. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can take proactive measures to protect your funds in the event of a lost or stolen card. Remember, timely action is key to securing your bank accounts against thefts.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Therefore, try it and let me know your experience by leaving a message in the comment section below.

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