How to Open Opay Account without BVN, NIN & Limit 2024

You can open an Opay bank account without a BVN (Bank Verification number) and NIN (National Identification Number). Simply download the Opay app on Google Playstore or App Store and register with just your phone number. However, there is a transaction amount limit on this type of Opay account.

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Find out in this post, the account opening process, requirements, and related topics.

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Can you Open Opay Account without BVN?

Opay is a mobile money platform in Nigeria which offers the opening of an account with or without BVN. With just your phone number and name, you can open an Opay bank account and use it for various financial transactions.

Without providing BVN, Opay allows you to perform transactions on your account. For instance, transfer money to other bank accounts, check account number, buy airtime/data and pay bills. Indeed, Opay allows you to run the account normally without hassle.

However, opening an Opay account without a BVN has limits. Opay categorises such an account as tier 1. A tier 1 Opay account has the lowest limit on transaction and balance compared to other account tiers. Among other restrictions, an Opay account without BVN cannot hold more than ₦300,000.

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How to Open Opay Bank Account without BVN

It is quite easy to open an Opay bank account. Not only that but providing your BVN is not compulsory.

Here is how to open Opay Bank Account without BVN:

  1. Download the Opay app on Google Playstore or App Store
  2. Tap Create a new account
    How to open Opay account without BVN
  3. Enter your Phone Number
  4. Then, tap Get OTP and enter the 6 digits sent to your phone.
  5. Enter promo code 8132419688 in the referral box.
  6. Complete your account opening process
  7. Add money to your Opay account

Opay Account Requirement

To open an Opay bank account, you only need a phone number.

Opay Bank Account requirements include the following:

  • Name
  • A phone number
  • Opay App

Note that BVN is not required at the initial opening of the Opay account.

However, to upgrade an Opay account, BVN is needed. At this stage, you must supply the necessary documents to increase the limit. Some of the requirements include BVN, NIN and a passport photograph.

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How much can Opay Account hold without BVN?

An Opay account without BVN cannot hold more than ₦300,000. This is the maximum balance for this Opay tier 1 account. With this account, you cannot keep a balance of more than ₦300,000 unless you upgrade it.

Note that the maximum balance is different from the transaction limit.

An Opay account without a BVN (tier 1) has a transaction limit of ₦50,000. For this account tier 1, you cannot transfer, deposit or receive more than ₦50,000 on a single transaction. For instance, you cannot transfer 60,000 to this account unless you upgrade your Opay account.

Both transaction limit (₦50,000) and maximum balance (₦300,000) only apply to an Opay account without a BVN (tier 1). However, you can increase these limits by upgrading the Opay account to Tier 2 or Tier 3

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Final Thoughts

Indeed, Opay allows opening an account without BVN. perform various transactions.

However, an Opay account without BVN has a transaction limit of 50,000 and a maximum balance of 300,000.

If you are okay with this, fine.

If not, you can upgrade your account. Among the requirements is providing a BVN.

Therefore, try it and let me know your experience.

Lastly, let me know your opinion by dropping comments below.

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