Block Opay Account if Phone is Stolen/Lost

Block Opay Account if Phone is Stolen/Lost with USSD Code

If the Opay account app is on your lost phone (or stolen), it is important to block it immediately. A mobile phone is a major way fraudsters access victims’ bank accounts and other financial information. Opay has made freezing of accounts easy for customers to safeguard their accounts during unfortunate events. By using the USSD code format or alternative, you can lock your account from any phone to prevent unwanted access and secure your money.

In this guide, you will learn various ways to block your Opay account, benefits and related topics.

Why Block an Opay Account


In the fast-paced digital age, where smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, protecting your Opay app is crucial. Here’s why blocking your Opay account is a necessary step:

1. Loss of Phone

Losing your phone puts your Opay account at risk. If you are unable to recover your lost phone on time, consider blocking your Opay account especially if you have a large sum of money in it.

Within the time of searching for your phone, someone could have access to your Opay account and transfer your money.

2. Stolen Phone

Losing your phone to theft can also have a greater consequence on your bank account. Since Opay is a digital bank app, whoever stole your phone and SIM card can access your Opay account and funds.

This is why you should block your Opay account immediately when your phone is stolen to safeguard your money.

3. Suspicious Account Activity

Experiencing unusual transactions on your Opay account is a valid reason to block the account.

For instance, you see a transfer from your Opay account to another account or an airtime purchase not initiated by you.

Your Opay account may be compromised and someone is accessing your phone without your knowledge.

In this case, the best approach is to block your Opay account temporarily while you investigate and resolve the issue.

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How to Block Your Opay Account Using USSD Code

Initiating the process to block your Opay account using the USSD code *955*131# is a straightforward and efficient procedure. Follow these step-by-step instructions to secure your funds in case of a lost or stolen phone:

How to Block Your Opay Account Using USSD Code

1. Dial *955*131# on Phone:

To block your Opay account, dial *955*131# on the phone. If your phone is lost or stolen, dial this code from another phone to freeze your Opay account instantly.

You can enter this Opay USSD code on any mobile phone and network in Nigeria to freeze your account; It does not have to be your registered phone number.

2. Enter your Opay Account Number

After dialling the code (*955*131#), follow the on-screen instructions to enter the Opay account number to block.

Enter your Opay account number which is your phone number without “0” to freeze it.

3. Enter Opay Account PIN:

Input your Opay account PIN when prompted. This step ensures that only the account owner can initiate the blocking process.

4. Receive Confirmation Message:

Once the process is complete, you will receive a confirmation message indicating that your Opay account has been successfully frozen.

This confirms that your funds in the Opay account are secure, even if your phone is lost or stolen.

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Alternative Methods for Blocking Opay Account

In addition to the USSD code for locking your Opay account, Opay provides alternative methods for users to seek assistance, report issues, or access support. Here are the alternative methods:

1. Opay Customer Care Phone Number:

Opay users can contact the customer care team by dialling the Opay customer care hotlines.

You can call any of these Opay customer care numbers to block your account:

  • 0700 8888 328
  • 01 8888 328

This phone channel allows users to receive real-time assistance with account-related issues, security concerns, or general inquiries.

2. Opay Social Media Pages

Opay maintains an active presence on various social media platforms which Opay customers can contact for various issues including freezing an account.

Send a direct message to these Opay social media accounts to block your account:

Facebook: Opay Nigeria Facebook Page

Twitter: Opay Nigeria Twitter Page

Using these alternative methods, Opay customers can:

  • Report security concerns, suspicious activities, or potential fraud.
  • Seek assistance with account-related issues, transactions, or technical difficulties.
  • Stay informed about the latest updates, promotions, and security tips.

Requirements to Block Opay Account

To successfully block your Opay account using the USSD code, you’ll need the following essential requirements:

Requirements to Block Opay Account and benefits

1. Any Mobile Phone

To block your Opay account with the USSD code (*955*131#), you can dial it from any phone.

If your phone is missing or stolen, Opay allows you to lock your account by dialling *955*131# on another mobile number in Nigeria not linked to the account. With this, you can proactively freeze your Opay account without waiting to retrieve your SIM back.

Likewise, the Opay account blocking code works on any type of phone. You can dial it on a basic phone or smartphone to deactivate your Opay account temporarily or permanently.

Also, the Opay USSD code to block your Opay account works with all major networks in Nigeria. You are not restricted to one particular network. Simply dial *955*131# on an MTN, Glo, Airtel, or 9mobile phone line to freeze your Opay account promptly.

2. Opay Account Number to Block

To block your Opay account using the USSD code, you must specify the number. Of course, how will Opay know the particular account to block if you do not type in the number?

So, enter the correct Opay phone number associated with the account you want to block.

This is a crucial step to identify and secure the right account in case of a lost or stolen phone.

3. Opay Account PIN

Your Opay account PIN acts as a secure key to authorize the blocking process.

Hence, you must enter the right 4-digit password to deactivate your Opay account. Without typing your PIN, you cannot block your Opay account from another phone.

Entering an incorrect PIN will also prevent you from locking your Opay account if your phone is lost/stolen.

This PIN ensures that only the account owner can initiate the blocking.

4. Sufficient Airtime

There is a mobile network charge for all USSD transactions in Nigeria. Whichever network you are using, ensure that your mobile phone has sufficient airtime to initiate the USSD code.

Specifically, have at least 10 Naira airtime (Mtn, Glo, Airtel or 9 mobile) on your phone before dialling the Opay code to block your account. If not recharge the line.

Not having sufficient airtime is one of the reasons the Opay USSD code does not work for customers. When you have zero credit on your phone, you cannot block your Opay account using the USSD code.

With sufficient airtime, you can successfully block your Opay account without experiencing network failure due to airtime.

Benefits of Freezing Opay Account

Blocking your Opay account using the USSD code 955131# comes with several significant benefits, enhancing the security of your financial transactions and ensuring the protection of your funds. Here are the key advantages:

1. Prevent Unauthorized Transactions

Blocking your Opay account ensures that unauthorized individuals cannot access or make transactions with your funds.

For instance, by freezing your Opay account, no one can transfer your funds to another bank account, recharge airtime, buy data, withdraw money etc.

This provides a robust layer of protection against financial loss.

2. Safeguard Personal Information

The Opay app holds sensitive personal and financial information which can threaten your account.

Details like Opay ATM card (physical and virtual), Owealth, and account balance are all available to view on the Opay app.

Therefore, blocking it ensures that the information remains secure, preventing potential misuse by unauthorized parties.

3. Peace of Mind

Utilizing the USSD code for account blocking provides Opay users with peace of mind, knowing that their funds are protected in the face of unexpected circumstances.

This assurance encourages confident use of the Opay platform for financial transactions.

Tips to Secure Your Opay Account

While blocking your Opay account using the USSD code or alternative method protects your account, adopting long-term security measures can fortify financial assets. Here are some recommended security tips for Opay users:

1. Enable Phone Lock

Implement security features on your mobile device to safeguard your Opay account, such as PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition.

Some phones even allow the locking of individual apps which further. In this case, you can password your Opay app and other banking apps on your phone.

This will mitigate unwanted access to your phone and apps thereby protecting your Opay account.

2. Activate SIM Lock

Enabling a SIM lock can save you from being a victim of account fraud especially if your phone is stolen.

This prevents unauthorised access when your phone is switch on and ultimately the Opay app.

Because, whoever can access the phone number associated with your Opay account number can access the Opay account app.

Essentially, the SIM lock acts as an additional layer of protection, ensuring that only the rightful owner, with possession of both the device and the corresponding SIM card, can access and manage their Opay account.

3. Enable Opay Don’t Save Password

Generally, Opay users choose the Password-free login option when opening an Opay account. This allows you to open the Opay app without entering a password.

While the option lets you access your Opay account quickly, it is risky in the wrong hands.

To protect your Opay account, select the Don’t Save Password option which means you must enter your password whenever you open the Opay app.

This will prevent people from accessing your Opay account on the phone without entering the password.

4. Monitor Account Activity

Regularly review your Opay account transactions and statements to protect your account.

Report any suspicious or unauthorized activities to Opay customer support immediately.

5. Contact Opay Customer Service

If you have any security concerns or questions about your account, reach out to Opay customer support through official channels for assistance.

FAQs on Deactivating Opay Account

Here are answers to some common questions that Opay users may have regarding the USSD code for blocking accounts and account security:


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, blocking your Opay account by using the USSD code or alternatives is a swift and effective measure to protect your money. This provides immediate protection in the face of a lost or stolen phone.

Remember to be security conscious by protecting your phone and the Opay app. For any concerns or assistance, Opay’s customer support is readily available.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Therefore, try it and let me know your experience by leaving a message in the comment section below or Facebook page.

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