How to Generate Zenith Bank Token Using USSD eToken App

How to Generate Zenith Bank Token Using USSD e-Token App

Looking for how to generate the Zenith Bank token using USSD like GTBank USSD code? This post shows how to achieve it and the alternatives

To generate a Zenith bank token using USSD, get the Zenith e-token app on Google Playstore or Appstore. Then, activate it and generate the OTP code through the app for all online financial transactions. Such as bank transfers and bill payments.

Therefore, this post helps you understand how to start using it and answer related questions.

So, let’s start.

What is Zenith e-Token App?

The Zenith e-Token App is a mobile app that generates a 6-digit One Time Password (OTP) for authenticating financial transactions such as on apps and internet banking. With the token, you can generate the code for transactions on Zenith Bank mobile app and Internet Banking. Such as online transfers and bill payments.

Unlike GTBank, Zenith Bank does not generate token codes by dialling a USSD code but through its e-token app.

To get your Zenith bank app token, download the app from the Google Play store or Apple App Store. The next step is to activate it. Thereafter, tap the OTP button to generate a token code to authenticate transactions on Zenith Bank.

How to Generate Zenith Bank Token Using USSD e-Token App

Below is the requirement to generate Zenith bank token using USSD e-token app on Mtn, Glo, Airtel or 9 Mobile:

  1. Open the Zenith eToken app on your Android or iPhone.
  2. Enter your PIN.
  3. Tap to generate the OTP Token code.
  4. Use the token code to complete your transaction.

Of course, to use the Zenith e-token app to generate a token, you need to activate it. The next section explains how to register the Zenith e-token app easily.

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How to Activate Zenith Bank e-Token App

Below are the required steps to activate and register your Zenith USSD e-token app:

  1. Download Zenith e-Token app: Play Store or App Store
  2. Register as an Individual or Corporate
  3. Choose the Activation Method: Hardware token, Debit card or Quick Access code
  4. Supply the Activation Method Details: PIN+Token, Debit card last 6-digit + PIN or Activation code.

The PIN+Token option in Zenith mobile app activation process means you will enter a PIN and a token code. When you choose this option, you will receive a 6-digit PIN code on your phone. Enter it in the box. Next, enter the 4-digit code you generated from your hardware token.

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The requirement to Activate Zenith Bank e-Token App

Below are the requirements needed to activate Zenith eToken app:

  1. Zenith Bank eToken app
  2. Hardware token, Debit card or Quick Access (Bank Activation code)
  3. Debit ₦1500 activation fee in your Zenith account

When you use a Hardware token as the activation method on Zenith e-Token app, you are required to enter your Account number and PIN+Token.

Zenith bank hardware token requirement on etoken app

If you choose Debit card as the activation method on Zenith e-Token app, you are required to enter Account number, Debit card last 6-digit and Debit card PIN

Zenith bank debit card requirement on e-token app

Lastly, if you go for Quick Access activation method on Zenith e-Token app, the criteria are to visit any Zenith bank branch and get a bank verification code comprised of a Serial number, Activation code and User ID.

Zenith bank bank verification code requirement on e-token app

What is Pin+Token in Zenith Mobile App?

When you see PIN + Token on the Zenith mobile app, it means to enter a PIN code and a token number. To get the PIN code, Zenith Bank will send the OTP code to your mobile phone. For the token code, you either generate code from Zenith e-token app or hardware token.

Enter these two codes – PIN and Token – in the required box on Zenith mobile app and your transactions will be confirmed.

But if you choose PIN + Token when activating the Zenith e-token app, it means to enter a PIN code and a hardware token number.

How Much is Zenith Bank e-Token App

The Zenith Bank e-Token is not free but it cost ₦1500 to get it.

This is the only fee you will pay for using the eToken app and it will be deducted from your account during activation.

Sadly, if you change your phone device, Zenith Bank will charge you another ₦1500 for the e-token app. Even, if you format your phone. So, if you are not okay with that, consider getting the Zenith Bank hardware token.

What is Zenith Bank e-Token Transfer limit?

The transfer limit of Zenith Bank’s e-Token app on the mobile app is 2 million Naira while it is 5 million Naira for internet banking.

You can read about How to Increase Daily Transfer Limit on Zenith Mobile App even without a token.

Alternative Way to Generate Zenith Bank Token

You can also generate a Zenith bank token through the Hardware token.

The requirement to get the Zenith bank hardware token is to visit any Zenith branch. Go to the customer care section to apply for it. It will also be activated on the spot. With Zenith Bank hardware token, you can generate code for all online transactions.

If you prefer this, Zenith bank hardware token cost is ₦2500

Zenith Bank eToken Request Form

Download the Zenith eToken request form for the Bank Activation code here to activate the app and use it.

Only download this form if you don’t have a Zenith bank debit card or Hardware token to activate the e-token app.

Alternatively, visit any Zenith bank branch to fill out the request form and get the bank activation code immediately

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Finally, I hope you now know how to generate a Zenith bank token using the e-token app.

As good as the Zenith e-token app is, it is not ideal for everybody since your phone must always be with you.

What if you run out of battery while you need to make an urgent transaction?

Therefore, for some people, it is better to get the Zenith bank hardware token.

You can transfer money from Zenith bank account through different means, Zenith USSD code is just one of them.

Which one do you prefer or what is your experience?

Please, leave a message in the comment section below.

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20 thoughts on “How to Generate Zenith Bank Token Using USSD e-Token App”

  1. Enomasokpa lucky

    Zenith bank debited my money for token I dont really understand but I won u people to put me true… I love d bank

  2. Pls am using the e token app on my previous device… then I tried to use d app on my new device, then under quick access activation I enter the serial no, user I.d provided for me then… it keep saying already activated

    1. This is the disadvantage of the e-token app as it won’t work on your new phone till you request another activation. Although a security measure, it can be frustrating.
      Reach out to Zenith bank for a fresh quick access activation. Not that you will be charged for it again.
      My advice: If you use token code often, get the Hardware token to prevent this in the future.

        1. Likely this is your first time using the Zenith app or on your phone.
          Whatever the case, contact Zenith Bank customer care on their official social media page or phone number.
          They will help you activate it.

  3. Sulaimon Michael

    Please how can i really generate a new hardware token because am really finding it so difficult here even after i downloaded zenith etoken app but its really not helping matter and they still keep on requesting for etoken.
    PLEASE what am i supposed to do because my phone was stolen and i wanted opening my zenith app on another phone and its requseting for token…

    1. That is the downside of Zenith etoken, get a hardware token instead.
      A hardware token a small device that generate codes when you press it. And you can easily get one from any Zenith branch.
      For future purpose, I would also advise you sign up for Zenith internet banking. With this, you can perform transactions on any phone or computer

  4. Mohammad Aliyu

    Am using zenith apps and I forget the password, then I wanted to use forget password to reset it, but it keeps asking me to provide token code, which has not been sent to me

    1. It means you are to enter e-token code or hardware token code. The Zenith e-token app can be downloaded from PlayStore or App Store. While you get the hardware token from any Zenith bank branch. Either of these options cost a fee.
      However, contact Zenith bank customer care to know if there other means of resetting your password.
      Message them on the social media handle, call or visit any branch.


    Have been trying to register for eTOKEN but it continue telling me to generate OTP again and again after it has given me OTP without showing me were you put my pin+ otp which is suppose to be the last completion

      1. Adeoluwa Ibukunoluwa

        Please, I changed my phone and I downloaded zenith mobile app, it asked me to register my device and have been trying to do that, but unable to. It’s asking for pin+token.
        What can I do please.

        1. Hi,
          It means you need a PIN, sent to your phone
          a token (e-token or hardware token) to activate the Zenith mobile app.
          So, either you download the Zenith e-token app or get the hardware token from Zenith bank branch

  6. Hi, please I’m in the process of getting my Zenith E-Token. I just want to know if all transactions I make with my Mobile app will require the use of the token or if it’s for ambiguous transactions

    1. You won’t need token for all transactions on Zenith mobile app.
      But certainly, you need Zenith token if you will be transferring money a lot on the mobile app and increasing the transfer limit.

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