How to Open Revolut Account UK & Requirements

How to Open Revolut Account UK & Requirements

Anyone can open a Revolut account: It is a UK bank account that requires no proof of identity to open. To do this, register through this Revolut link, choose between a free and paid plan and get your account within a few minutes. Interestingly, you get £10-£200 when you fulfil the bonus requirements within a few days of sign-up.

Find out about opening a Revolut account, various account types, requirements and other related topics.

Here are the steps to open a Revolut account:

1. Download the Revolut App:

How to open Revolut UK account

To start your account opening process, download the Revolut app. But, never rush to the Google PlayStore or App Store; use this Revolut referral link to sign up and qualify to get a £10-£200 bonus.

This takes you the page to enter your phone number and get the Revolut app.

To learn more about the referral reward, read the post on How to get the Revolut promo bonus.

2. Create an Account:

Once the app is installed, open it and follow the prompts to create your Revolut account.

You’ll need to provide some basic information, such as your name, email address, and phone number.

3. Verify Your Identity:

To comply with regulatory requirements, verify your identity on the Revolut app. This involves entering your house address and accepting that you reside in the UK.

There is no need to verify your Revolut account with a photo ID or other proof of address documents. Revolut does not require you to upload these documents, unlike other UK banks.

Note: Revolut uses an alternative method to verify a customer’s account home address. When you order a Revolut card, it will be sent to the provided UK address. This is a proof of your address without uploading a document.

4. Select Your Account Type:

Choose the type of Revolut account that best suits your needs. Revolut offers both free account and paid account plan. These include Standard, Premium, Metal, and Ultra each with its own features and benefits.

Whichever Revolut account you choose, you change it later. You can start with the free Revolut Standard account and switch to any of the paid accounts with better features.

5. Fund Your Account:

Once your Revolut account is ready, proceed to fund it. Revolut accepts various online deposits to accounts: You can fund your account through a bank transfer, debit card, Google Pay etc.

However, you cannot directly deposit cash into a Revolut account.

6. Use Your Revolut Account:

Once your account is set up and funded, you can start exploring the features of the Revolut app.

You can use a Revolut account to do the following:

  • Transfer money to another UK bank account
  • Receive funds from other UK accounts
  • Send money abroad using the Revolut international transfer feature
  • Save money and earn interest
  • Invest in crypto, stocks and other precious metals
  • And lots more.

By following these steps, you can open a Revolut account in the UK quickly.

Interestingly, when you sign up with the Revolut link, order a card and make 3 transaction card transactions (physical card or virtual card), Revolut will credit your account with up to a £200 bonus.

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About Revolut

Revolut account

Revolut is a fintech app that offers a smart way to spend, send and save money. With the app, you can transfer money within the UK and outside to over 200 countries through its currency exchange feature.

It takes a few minutes to open a Revolut account. In less than 5 minutes, you should open a Revolut account and be ready to use. No complex process and the requirement is simple.

Likewise, there is no minimum amount to open a Revolut account. it is free. Unless you choose a paid plan, there is no fee to open and maintain your Revolut account.

Of course, anyone residing in the UK can open a Revolut account. For instance, a new immigrant such as an International student can open a Revolut account in the UK without proof of address document. Age is also not a barrier as there is a Revolut <18 account for those below 18 years.

Although Revolut is not a bank, it can act as your UK bank account. By opening a Revolut UK account, you get a UK bank account.

Hence, you can run a Revolut account like a normal bank account. For instance, transfer money to other banks and also receive money. The Revolut account can be your salary account in the UK. All these benefits make a Revolut account a suitable UK bank account.

Revolut has different account options for customers to open. Depending on your preference, you can open a free Revolut account or upgrade to a paid plan.

Here are the types of Revolut accounts you can open:

  • Standard: Free
  • Plus: 2.99 per month 
  • Premium: 6.99 per month 
  • Metal: 12.99 per month
  • Ultra: £45 per month

Revolut Cards

Revolut card offers a seamless and secure way to manage your money. The card allows you to spend in over 150 currencies with no hidden fees, saving you money and giving you the freedom to explore the world without any financial constraints.

Opening a Revolut account gives you access to 3 kinds of Revolut cards. These are:

  • Revolut physical card
  • Single-use virtual card
  • Multi-use virtual card

All Revolut cards are free. However, you will pay a delivery fee to get the Revolut physical card.

These cards give greater flexibility and better control of finances. For instance, you can use the Revolut physical card in shops and use the multi-use virtual card in online sites. But for less secure or popular online sites, you can use the Revolut single-use card.

1. Revolut physical card

Revolut physical card is a debit Mastercard card which you can use for payment in stores, ATMs and online sites.

With its contactless feature, no need to slot the Revolut card in a POS terminal to pay for goods and services.

Each Revolut account plan has its own specific card design. And if you upgrade to a paid plan, you can customise your Revolut physical card.

2. Single-use virtual card

A Single-use Revolut virtual card is a one-off online payment card. It works only for a single transaction and cannot be reuse next time. It is Revolut’s way of protecting customers from online fraud.

Hence, if the card details are leaked, it cannot be used to withdraw funds from your account.

3. Multi-use virtual card

Multi-use virtual card is for making payments on trusted sites. Revolut also provides additional security such as freeze cards, set spending limits and terminate cards. This gives you more control over using the card online and safeguarding your money.

Also, if you have an NFC-enabled device, you can add the Revolut Multi-use virtual card details to Google Pay. Then, use it for payment in physical stores that accept Google Pay.

Is Revolut Safe?

Opening an account with Revolut is safe. Your money is insured by FSCS. Also, the Revolut app is safe as industry-standard security is put in place to secure your transactions on the platform.

Revolut app has a lot of positive reviews. Branded as an amazing app, quite a number of people enjoy its services. Such as free local transfers, better international money transfer fees than banks, a safer virtual card and lots more.

Every good app definitely has some bad experiences. Indeed, Revolut is not an exception.

To some people, Revolut is bad. Certain customers are frustrated while using the Revolut app. Some of the Revolut negative reviews include the inability to access the account, paid plans issues and too many features.

Overall, Revolut is a useful app that helps you manage your money effectively.

Alternative Revolut Bank Accounts to Open Online

While Revolut offers a comprehensive suite of features and services, there are alternative online bank accounts available in the UK. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Monzo:

Monzo is a popular digital bank known for its user-friendly app and transparent fee structure. Like Revolut, Monzo offers features such as instant transfers, budgeting tools, and fee-free spending abroad.

Monzo is the best bank in the UK by customer satisfaction. Unlike Revolut, you can deposit cash to your Monzo account through Paypoint centres. Also you get a free debit card for opening the account.

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2. Starling Bank:

Starling Bank is another leading digital bank in the UK, offering a range of innovative features such as real-time notifications, savings goals, and competitive interest rates on savings accounts.

3. Chase:

Although Chase is primarily known as a traditional bank in the United States, it offers online banking services in the UK through its International Personal Banking division.

Chase offers various account options, including checking and savings accounts, with features such as mobile banking and international wire transfers.

Each of these alternative bank accounts offers its own set of features and benefits, so it’s essential to compare them based on your individual banking needs and preferences.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, opening a Revolut UK account is free, fast and easy. No complex process or requirement to open the account. Although it is free to open a Revolut account, you can opt for a paid plan. Therefore, any UK resident can open a Revolut account within a few minutes.

I hope you find this information helpful. 

Therefore, try it and let me know your experience by dropping comments below. 

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