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What is Kuda Overdraft Limit and How to Increase Kuda Loan Limit

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 What is Kuda overdraft limit? Presently, the limit of overdrafts Kuda bank gives out 150,000 Naira to customers.

Truly, you will likely not get the 150,000 Naira overdraft from Kuda being the first time but the amount can increase over time.

To increase the limit of loan overdraft you can get from Kuda:

  1. Repay your overdraft on time. Lateness affects your creditworthiness
  2. Use Kuda App regularly. Use any of Kuda Savings to save, make bank transfers, buy airtime and pay bills.

By doing these things, you can quickly increase the limit of overdraft you get from Kuda bank

You can read more on the Kuda overdraft here

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