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How to Cancel Overdraft on Kuda Bank App

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When Kuda offers you an overdraft, you have 3 working days to cancel or accept the offer.

To cancel the overdraft offer,

  1. Open the Kuda bank app and go to your borrow account
  2. Tap Borrow
  3. Tap Get Overdraft. Yow will see the amount of overdraft Kuda offers you.
  4. On Next and Tap No, Thanks.

Note that, when Kuda offers you a loan, you do not need to cancel it. You can just ignore the overdraft offer.

However, if you have applied for and received the overdraft or waiting for it but don't need the loan anymore, do the following to cancel it:

  • If you have not received the Kuda loan overdraft you applied for, wait for your account to be credited. After that, go back to the Borrow account and repay the loan. Kuda bank won't charge the interest because you paid it back within 24 hours. 
  • But if you have already received the Kuda overdraft, the only way to cancel it is to pay back the loan. 

You can read more on the Kuda overdraft here

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