How to Block Ecobank Account with USSD Code if is phone stolen

How to Block Ecobank Account with USSD Code & from Another Phone

Without going to the bank, you can block your Ecobank account in Nigeria with the USSD code and other online methods. Such as when the phone (or ATM debit card) is stolen or missing

Block your Eco bank account on your phone or another number easily. Block the Ecobank account with the USSD code *326*911# on Airtel, Mtn, Glo and 9 mobile networks. Or, deactivate it online by using the mobile app or internet banking instantly. You can do these without stress; without visiting a Ecobank branch.

Therefore, find out in this post how to use any of these options and other helpful topics

Block Ecobank Account

Using your Ecobank account on your phone, without going to bank, is cool. You pay bills, send money to another bank, and check your account balance. However, it exposes you to scams and fraud.

There are reasons why you should block your Ecobank account. If your phone is stolen or missing, you should block your account quickly. If you suspect your Ecobank account is compromised, deactivate it temporarily. Don’t need the USSD banking on your phone anymore? block it permanently.

In addition, if your ATM debit card is stolen or missing, you can deactivate your Ecobank account. However, it is better to block your Ecobank ATM debit card and not your account.

Blocking your Ecobank account secures your money. It prevents scammers and account fraud. For instance, from your Ecobank account, no one can transfer or withdraw money. Especially, when someone has your phone and knows your Ecobank 5-digit USSD PIN.

How to Block Ecobank Account from Another Phone

if your phone is stolen, for instance, you can deactivate the Ecobank account using another phone number.

Here is how to block Ecobank account from another phone number if stolen:

  1. Dial *326*911# on another phone number. 
  2. Enter the phone number linked to your Ecobank account.
  3. Then, enter your 5-digit USSD PIN

This Ecobank code to restrict your account *326*911# works on all networks in Nigeria. It also deactivate your Ecobank USSD profile. It works on Airtel, Mtn, Glo and 9 mobile networks. And stops unauthorised transactions such as withdrawing your money.

USSD Code to Block Ecobank Account on Your Phone

USSD Code to Block Ecobank Account on Your Phone

You may need to block your Ecobank account. Not because you lost your phone or stolen it but to prevent unwanted banking transactions on your phone.

Follow these steps to block Ecobank account with USSD code on phone:

  1. Dial *326*911# on your phone
  2. Enter the phone number linked to your Ecobank account.
  3. Enter your 5-digit USSD PIN
  4. Lastly, receive a message to confirm the Ecobank account is blocked. 

Following these steps will deactivate your Ecobank account permanently or temporarily. Without going to the bank, you will block your account. This restricts someone from accessing your account; not even scammers. Such as when you lost or misplaced your ATM debit card.

How to Block Ecobank Account Online

To block Ecobank account online, you can contact the customer care on Facebook or Twitter. Send a direct message (DM) stating your name and account details. A customer representative will assist you in blocking your Ecobank account promptly. Even if your phone is stolen or missing, you can contact the Eco bank customer service from another phone to deactivate it.

Ecobank Customer Care 

Ecobank has various customer care units to resolve complaints or enquiries. So you can choose whichever is convenient for you to block the account or report fraud.

Here are the Ecobank customer care channels to block your account:

  1. Ecobank Customer Care Number: +234 (0) 700 500 0000, +234 (0) 708 065 3700 or +234 (0) 1 270 1323. 
  2. Facebook: EcobankNigeria
  3. Twitter: @ecobank_nigeria
  4. Ecobank Bank WhatsApp Number: +234 808 760 3717. 
  5. Email:
  6. Ecobank Physical bank: Visit the customer care unit. 

Can a Scammer Block Your Bank Account? 

A scammer can block your bank account if he has the required information. A fraudster that knows your account number, phone number and USSD PIN can access Ecobank account, withdraw money and block it. Hence, be careful who you share your bank details with. 

Therefore, keep your banking details private to prevent scammers from transferring your money. Secure details like your USSD PIN, ATM card details (number, expiry date, CVV), ATM PIN, token code and password.

Ecobank will never ask for your PIN code and so you should not give it out to someone claiming to be from the bank.

Can a Blocked Account Receive Money? 

A blocked account can receive money. When you block your Ecobank account, you restrict all debit transactions. No one can withdraw your money, or transfer the money. Not even ATM/POS transactions. 

You will be receiving money when you block your Ecobank account. People can send money to your account. Ecobank only blocks debit transactions, not credit transactions in your account.

But if you close your Ecobank account permanently, you cannot receive money in the account. You are no more a Ecobank account holder when you close your account.


In summary, the USSD code to *966*911# block your Ecobank account. This will stop unauthorised transactions thereby preventing scammers from taking money from your account.

Another option to deactivate your Ecobank account is by contacting customer care or visiting any Ecobank branch. Of course, these two methods are not as quick as dialling the USSD code. But one of these options can be the best move in a certain scenario.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Therefore, try it and let me know your experience by leaving a message in the comment section below.

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