How to Link NIN to VFD Bank Account Online

How to Link NIN to VFD Bank Account Online

To secure your VFD digital bank account, you must link NIN (National Identification Number) with it now. Other Nigerian banks, such as GTBank and Fidelity, are currently doing the same because of CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) directive. Being a digital bank, VFD has provided an online NIN update form customers can easily fill on phone/computer. The form consist of 6 questions and it takes less than 5 minutes to fill out.

Here are the steps to link NIN to your VFD Account online instantly:

1. Open VFD NIN Update Form Online

VFD digital bank creates an online form for customers to link NIN to their accounts.

Open the VFD NIN update online form to begin the process of updating it with your bank account.

When you open this form, it first display VFD landing page for NIN update. It states what the form is for and that your information is safe with the bank.

Then, click on the Start Now button and it will open the online VFD MFB NIN update form to fill.

Note: The online form is mobile friendly. You can easily fill it on your smartphone without looking for a computer to use.

2. Enter First Name

1. Open VFD NIN Update Form Online

To link NIN to your bank account, VFD requests you provide your first name. Type it in the required box. Do not enter your second name if you have in this box.


  • Your first name is your given name. It is not your family name (surname).
  • The first name you entered must tally with your VFD account name. 

3. Enter Last Name

Also, VFD requires you to provide your last name to link NIN to your account. Type your surname in the specified box. 

Note this:

  • Your last name is your surname. Do not mistake it with your first name
  • The last name you entered must tally with your VFD account number name. 

4. Provide VFD Account Number

Enter your VFD MFB bank account number you wish to link NIN to. Input this 10-digit in the box and proceed to the next step.

But if you cannot remember your VFD account number, check it on the VFD bank app. All the details are available in the account dashboard of the app. This is where you can retrieve your VFD account in case you forget it.

5. Enter NIN to Link to VFD Account

Link NIN to VFD Account

Right now, enter the NIN to link to your VFD digital account number. Accurately input your unique 11-digit NIN number in the required box.

VFD will reject your NIN linking application if you enter a wrong NIN (incorrect or incomplete) details. Therefore, review to ensure the information is correct.

5. Provide Phone Number

Enter the phone number linked to your VFD bank account in the box. This must be the same mobile number you provided when opening the VFD account.

6. Provide Email Address

Enter the email address linked to your VFD account number in the box.

Similar to your phone number, this must be the same email address you provided when opening the VFD account.

7. Submit NIN update Form

Lastly, click on the Submit button to send your NIN update form to VFD bank for processing.

VFD will process it and send you an email later to confirm whether your application is successful or not.

To guarantee that VFD will not reject your NIN linking form, ensure you fill the form accurately. If you enter the correct information throughout, you will get a successful message from VFD showing the NIN is linked to your account.

Requirements to Link NIN to VFD Account

Before initiating the process of linking your NIN to your VFD bank account online, ensure you have the following essential information and documents ready:

  • Full name: first name and last name
  • VFD Bank account number: 10 digits NUBAN number
  • NIN: 11 digits number
  • Phone number linked to VFD bank account
  • Email address linked to VFD bank account 

The list stated above consists of the information VFD request to link NIN to your bank account.

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Why Link NIN to Your VFD Account

There are reasons VFD Microfinance bank is asking customers to update their account with NIN. Here is why:

1. CBN Directive:

This year, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) mandated that all Nigerian banks request customers to link BVN and NIN to their accounts.

Hence, VFD is requiring customers to link NIN to their accounts because of CBN directive. If not linked with NIN, your VFD account will be blocked from all financial transactions. 

2. Account Security:

Linking NIN to a VFD account is a security measure. The exercise is to protect customers’ accounts from various fraudulent activities.

3. Account Restriction:

Any VFD bank account not linked with NIN will be blocked. This a penalty for not linking NIN to a VFD account. As directed by the CBN, the bank will place restrictions on inflow and outflow of transactions

This means, one cannot use VFD bank account to receive, transfer or withdraw money

Of course, you will not lose your money for not linking NIN to your VFD account. You are only restricted from accessing it until you update the account.

How to Retrieve Forgotten NIN Details

Did you forget your NIN details, there are ways to retrieve it. Here is how:

  1. Check National ID Card/Slip: If you have a National ID card or slip, your NIN is printed on it. Check the front side for the number.
  2. NIMC Website: Visit the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) website and use their online services to retrieve your NIN.
  3. Visit NIMC Enrollment Center: Visit the NIMC enrollment center where you registered for NIN. They can assist you in retrieving your NIN.

VFD Customer Care Service

VFD digital Microfinance bank in Nigeria

Issue does occur. If you have any challenge or question regarding linking of NIN with your VFD account, contact the customer care. Here’s how to reach out for support:

1. Customer Care Hotline:

Dial VFD’s customer care hotline at 0201 227 1396 to speak to a representative about your enquiries. 

2. Email Support:

Send an email to the VFD support team at Clearly state your inquiry and include relevant details, such as your VFD account number.

3. Social Media:

Reach out to VFDnank through their official social media channels (e.g., Twitter, Facebook). 

Send a direct message to any of these accounts, stating your enquiry. Avoid using the comment section to protect your privacy. A VFD customer care representative will reply to your message in due time.

FAQs on How to Update NIN to VFD Account


In conclusion, VFD digital bank offers a convenient method for NIN linking to the account online. Simply, fill out the online form with the required details, including your NIN, and submit it. Do this to secure your account and avoid being restricted from using your VFD account for financial transaction.

However, if you are experiencing issues on updating the NIN, contact VFD customer care. Either reach them through the phone, email or official social media pages.

I hope you find this information helpful. If you do, consider sharing it with someone who may need it too.

Therefore, try it and let me know your experience by leaving a message in the comment section below or Facebook page.

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