VFD ATM Card: Steps to Apply on VBank App, Fees & Limits (Nigeria) 

VFD ATM Card: Steps to Apply on VBank App, Fees & Limits (Nigeria) 

Right now, VFD Microfinance account holders enjoy more benefits of owning the ATM debit card. With the card, you get discounts on purchases at VBank partner merchant stores both online and physical.

In this guide, I walk you through the simple process of getting your VFD ATM card directly such as:

  • How to apply for VFD ATM debit card on the VBank app
  • VBank application fees
  • Suitable VFD card delivery option
  • VFD physical card limits – Transactions and withdrawal limits

Let’s start!

How to Apply for VFD Physical Card on the VBank App

Here’s a step-by-step guide on requesting your VFD physical ATM card through the VBank app:

  1. Open your Bank App and select Cards.
  2. Tap on Request Card.
  3. Select your Card Type: Physical card.
  4. Complete the debit card application form
  5. Get your ATM card at the appropriate address

Here is the detailed step-by-step process of getting your VFD physical card:

Step 1: Open the VBank App

To start the process of getting the debit card, launch the VBank app on your smartphone

To gain access to your VFD account, sign in using your password or biometrics.

On this VFD app, click on “More” section within the app. “More” is located at the bottom of the app beside “Home” button.

In this section, you will see “Cards”.

Step 2: Request Your Card

Among options in the “More” section, tap on the “Cards”.

Then, on the “Cards” screen, locate the “Request New” button and select it. This is at the top right corner of the app.

Step 3: Choose Your Card Type

Upon tapping “Request New,” you’ll be presented with a selection of card types.

Choose the “Physical” option. This means you want to apply for a physical card and not a virtual card.

Here is a screenshot of it:

Request VFD ATM card in Nigeria

Step 4: Complete the Card Application Form

After selecting “physical” as your preferred card type, you must choose the card brand and delivery address to get your ATM card.

Select the card brand which is VERVE. That is the only card brand VFD offers for now. The bank does not have a Mastercard for customers.

Here is a screenshot guide:

VBank verve card and delivery method

Then choose your preferred delivery method – Deliver to address or Pick up.

  1. Deliver to address: Here, enter the address you want VFD to deliver the ATM card. Correctly input the State, City, Address and House number to ensure smooth delivery.
  2. Pickup: For the pickup option, visit Elephant House 5th Floor, 214 Broad Street, Marina Island 100221, Lagos to get your VFD ATM card.
    This is the office address of VFD and the only pickup option available to get your physical card.

Therefore if you do not reside in Lagos or Marina Island from your home, do not choose the pickup option to get your VBank card.

Save yourself the stress and transport fare by selecting the deliver to address option to receive your VFD card at home.

Step 5: Receive Your VFD ATM Card

Once submit the form, VFD will notify you through an email when the card is ready and the procedure to get it.

For the Home Delivery option: In the email, VBank will inform you the delivery time frame of the ATM card.

For the Pick-Up option: VFD will send you an email when the ATM card is ready for collection at the head office.

When ready, visit the VFD office Elephant House 5th Floor, 214 Broad Street, Marina Island 100221, Lagos to receive your ATM card.

VBank ATM card pickup address

VFD ATM Card Charges

  • VFD ATM Card Application Fee: ₦1,000
  • Withdrawal Charges: Free 3 cash withdrawals in a month.

Here’s a breakdown of the charges you can expect when using your VFD ATM card:

Card Application Fee:

VFD charges a one-time fee of 1,000 Naira to apply for and obtain a physical VFD ATM card.

Note: This does not include the card delivery charges to your home address

ATM Withdrawal Charges:

VFD offers the benefit of free withdrawals for the first 3 times you use your VFD card at any bank ATM in a month.

After you’ve made 3 free withdrawals at VFD ATMs in a month, a standard withdrawal fee of 65 Naira will apply to any subsequent withdrawals at any ATM points.

Note: Other Nigerian banks also offer these withdrawal charges structure. That is free 3 cash withdrawals at another bank’s ATM the same 65 Naira fee applies for withdrawals from other bank

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VFD Physical ATM Card Usage

VFD physical card usage

Obtaining a VFD physical card unlocks a world of financial flexibility compared to a virtual card. While virtual cards offer certain advantages, a VFD physical card empowers you to manage your money in various ways:

1. Bank ATMs:

A VFD physical card grants you access to cash out at any Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Nigeria. As long as it has a VERVE logo which most ATMs do have, you can withdraw your money any time with it

2. Online Transactions:

A VFD ATM card works at physical points; It is also useful for online payments.

With it, shop at websites that accept debit Naira cards in Nigeria conveniently.

Simply enter your card details during checkout to complete your purchases seamlessly.

3. Merchant Physical Stores:

Forget the hassle of carrying cash everywhere. Your VFD physical card lets you swipe or tap to pay at physical stores equipped with point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

This eliminates the need for exact change and ensures quick, secure transactions.

4. POS Payments:

Similar to in-store transactions, your VFD physical card allows for swift payments at POS terminals, often found in supermarkets, gas stations, and other businesses.

In short:

A VFD physical card allows you to withdraw cash at ATMs, shop online, and pay at physical stores with POS terminals, while a virtual card might be limited to online transactions only.

VFD Physical Card Limit

VFD Physical Card Limit
  • Transaction Limit: ₦1,000,000
  • Daily limit: ₦2,000,000

The good news is that VFD ATM withdrawal limits correspond to your VFD account limits. This simplifies things and allows for easy management of your cash flow.

Limits Explained:

  • Per Transaction Limit: You can withdraw up to 1,000,000 Naira (one million Naira) in a single transaction using your VFD card or an online transaction.
  • Daily Withdrawal Limit: The total amount you can withdraw from your VFD account per day is capped at 2,000,000 Naira (two million Naira). This applies to all withdrawals regardless of the number of transactions.


Let’s say you need to withdraw 1.5 million Naira. As the per-transaction limit is 1 million Naira, you would need to make two separate withdrawals to reach your desired amount, assuming you have sufficient funds in your account.

FAQs on VFD Physical ATM Card

Here are some VFD FAQs on getting the physical ATM card.


Equipping yourself with a VFD physical card empowers you to manage your finances with exceptional flexibility. From accessing cash at ATMs to seamlessly paying online and in stores, this card unlocks a world of convenience.

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