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How to Subscribe GOTV or DSTV on GTBank Mobile App Account

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To subscribe or renew GOTV and DSTV on GTBank using Mobile App, follow these steps:

1. Launch the GTBank Mobile App

Open the GTBank app and enter your login details.

2. Go to Bill Payments Section

On the GTBank Mobile App, tap the options icon on top. You will see Bill Payments among the Menu list, tap it

3. Choose Cable TV and DSTV/GOTV

Then, tap the Cable TV which is among the bill payment option available on the Mobile app

Next, tap DSTV/GOTV

4. Enter SmartCard Details

Afterwards, enter your DSTV or GOTV smart card number

5. Select Bouquet and Request Type

Then, select the Request Type. New Request or Renewal Request.

Also, select the Bouquet which is the plan you want to pay for. The list is quite long. Both the bouquet name and price are stated so you know how much it is

After, tap continue and it will display the transaction fee of 50 Naira. Then tap continue again

6. Select your Account to Fund it and Confirm the Payment

On the Next page, tap your account to fund it

And lastly, enter confirm the payment with your transaction pin, token or fingerprint.

You can also use apps like Branch App to pay for DSTV or GOTV and get a 5% discount on bill payments.

Or Check the top utility payment apps in Nigeria

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