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Taptap Send Promo Code for Nigeria 2023 (UK, USA, Canada)

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Taptap Send promo code for Nigeria is SOLOMON1252: Use the coupon code to get a £5 signup bonus (and £20) when you send money to Nigeria (NGN), whether you in the UK, USA, Canada or elsewhere. You also qualify for different coupon bonuses at certain times of the year.

Is Taptap Send available in Nigeria?

Taptap Send is available to send money (NGN) to Nigeria. The app offers one of the best exchange rates to Nigeria with zero fees. And also use the Taptap coupon code SOLOMON1252 to get a £5 bonus.

On the Taptap app, you send money directly to a Nigeria bank account from the UK, USA or Canada.

Also, sending money to Nigeria is free on Taptap. Taptap Send does not a charge transfer fee, unlike other international money transfer apps. 

Likewise, if you are looking to send money from a UK bank to Nigeria, use Taptap Send app. They won’t charge you a fee as UK banks do.

How to send money from TapTap to Nigeria?

You can use Taptap Send to transfer money to Nigeria and over 25 countries in the world from UK, USA and Canada.

Below is how to send money from Taptap Send to Nigeria:

  1. Download Taptap Send app on Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Next, create and verify your account.
  3. Select Nigeria (NGN) as the recipient country
  4. Enter the currency amount to send or receive
  5. Enter promo code: SOLOMON1252.
  6. Tap Next and enter the recipient's account number.
  7. Lastly, tap Send.

What is the maximum limit for Taptap Send to Nigeria?

On the Taptap Send app there is no transfer limit to Nigeria.

However, there are limits if you are sending money from the UK and Europe. In the UK, £1800 is the maximum amount you can transfer to Nigeria per transaction. In Europe, 1800 EUR is the maximum amount you can transfer to Nigeria per transaction.

Note that this limit is just per transaction. You can transfer more than that in a day by sending the money in batches. It is only the maximum amount you can send to Nigeria at once

Hence, with Taptap Send, you send large amounts to Nigeria from the UK, USA and Canada.

How long does it take to receive money from Taptap?

When you send money from Taptaop to Nigeria, it takes less than 5 minutes for the recipient to get it. According to Taptap, 90% of their transfers to Nigeria are credited into the receiver’s account. Your money is delivered quickly at any day and time. 

Is Taptap Send safe?

Taptap is a safe app for sending money to Nigeria. The company is registered and licensed in the UK, USA, EU, Canada and other countries. So, it is a trusted money transfer app for sending cash abroad to Nigeria.

In addition, the Taptap Send app is safe as it is PCI compliant. This industry-standard security is put in place to secure your transactions on the platform. Also, your data is encrypted.

In summary, Taptap Send is one of the best apps to can send money to over 25+ countries including Nigeria. And definitely one of the best money transfer apps available in the UK, USA, Canada and other parts of Europe. 

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