How to Deposit Cash into Revolut UK account

How to Deposit Cash into Revolut UK Bank Account

Looking for how get deposit cash into your Revolut UK account?

To deposit cash into Revolut UK bank account, you have to use an alternative method such as through a bank account. Because Revolut does not accept cash deposits directly into account

Therefore, find out in this post the process and related topics.

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Revolut UK account cash deposit

Revolut UK Cash Deposit

You can deposit cash into your Revolut account in the UK. But to do this, you must use an indirect method top-up. This is because Revolut only accepts deposits through bank accounts, debit/credit cards and Google Pay. Check this post on how to add money to your Revolut account.

So, the easiest way to deposit cash into the Revolut UK account is through another bank account. It can be by paying the cash into your own bank account or someone else’s. Then, you transfer the money to your Revolut bank account.

One of the reasons people open a Revolut bank account in the UK is that you can open it without proof of address. It is one of the best online UK banks where you can open a free UK account as a new migrant or an international student.

However, one of the drawbacks of Revolut is you cannot deposit cash directly into your account like a Monzo bank account. This does not mean Monzo is better than Revolut. But, if you will be depositing cash then opening a Monzo bank account is better.

Therefore, I will show you how to deposit cash into Revolut UK account through a Monzo bank account. Why? because you also do not need a proof of address document to open a Monzo bank account.

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How to Deposit Cash into Revolut UK Bank Account

Through a Monzo bank, you can deposit cash into the Revolut account.

Here is how to deposit cash into Revolut account through Monzo bank:

  1. First, open a Monzo bank account.
  2. Deposit cash at any PayPoint store or post office into your Monzo account.
  3. Transfer the money from your Monzo bank account to Revolut account.

Note that you can transfer the money from the Monzo account to Revolut account in 2 ways:

  1. Normal bank transfer: First, copy your Revolut bank account details on the app (Name, account number and sort code). Then, send the money through your Monzo bank app.
  2. Easy Bank Transfer: This option lets you transfer money from the Revolut app. To do this, tap add money on the Revolut app, choose Easy bank transfer option and fill in the amount details. The next page will show a list of UK banks; choose Monzo and it will link you to your Monzo app to approve the amount.

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How to Find Nearest PayPoint

If you are using the Monzo method to deposit cash into the Revolut account, then go to any PayPoint near you. There are PayPoint stores around you are not aware of. Some of them are Spar shops, Co-op and Tesco Express but not all of them.

Follow these steps to find a PayPoint store near you:

  1. Go to the PayPoint website.
  2. Enter your postcode.
  3. Click on any of the stores to view the address, opening times and phone number.

Next, visit the store to deposit cash into your Monzo bank account, then transfer to your Revolut account. 

Can you Top Up Revolut at PayPoint?

You cannot top up your Revolut account with cash at any PayPoint unless you are using a Monzo bank account.

So, if you have a Monzo account, you can easily deposit cash at any PayPoint near you and transfer it to your Revolut account for free. Note that you will be charged £1 for every deposit transaction and £300 is the maximum cash deposit limit.

Can you Deposit Cash at Post Office for Revolut?

You cannot deposit cash at any post office to your Revolut bank account. This option to add money is only available to other UK bank accounts such as Barclays, Halifax and Natwest. You can easily deposit cash through the post office near you. Then, transfer the money to your Revolut account for free.

Can you Deposit Cheque into Revolut UK Account?

Revolut does not accept deposits of cheques into your account. If you have one, use another bank account to receive the cheque and then send it to your Revolut account. But, you can receive your salary, called a paycheck, into your Revolut account.

Can you Withdraw Cash with Revolut UK?

You can withdraw cash from the Revolut UK account with your debit card at any ATM near you. You can withdraw up to £200 or withdraw 5 times per month without paying a fee. After exceeding this limit, you will pay a 2% fee on every withdrawal.


In the UK, Revolut does not accept a cash deposit into the account. But, you can use the bank account method to add the cash to your Revolut account.

For this, another online bank you can easily open is a Monzo account. And there are PayPoint stores near you to deposit the cash into the account and transfer it to your Revolut account.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Therefore, try it and let me know your experience by leaving a message in the comment section below.

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