How to get Opay Virtual Card Online in Nigeria & Limit (2024)

Do you have an Opay account and looking for how to get a virtual card online on the app?

To get Opay Virtual card, apply through the Opay app. Go to the Cards section, choose Virtual card and pay the issuance fee. Within seconds, get your Opay virtual card which you can use for online transactions.

Learn about the steps of getting the Opay debit virtual card, requirements and related topics.

What is Opay Virtual Card

Opay virtual card

Opay virtual card is a digital payment Naira card linked to your Opay Wallet and Owealth balance. With this Opay Naira card, you can pay for goods and services on different online sites. For instance, on Jumia, Netflix and so on.

Opay virtual card is different from the physical card. With the Opay virtual card, all you do is to enter the virtual card details when paying online. Then, your Opay account with be debited of the amount.

Indeed, Opay offers a virtual card for every customer. It is a Verve card and not a Mastercard. Since it is a virtual card and not a physical card, your Opay cannot be lost or stolen.

Applying for an Opay virtual card is through the Opay app. Within minutes, you can get your Opay card, activate it and use it for online transactions.

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How to get Opay Virtual Card Online in Nigeria

How to get Opay Virtual Card Online in Nigeria

Getting Opay virtual card is fast and easy through the Opay app.

Here is how to get Opay Virtual Card Online with Opay app:

  • Open Opay app
  • Tap on Cards at the app’s bottom
  • Then, swipe to Virtual card to get it.
    Apply for Opay Virtual card to get it.
  • Next, tap to confirm and pay the Virtual card
  • Lastly, Opay will issue the virtual card to you.  

Indeed, to apply and get Opay virtual card, you will pay an issuance fee.

Also, you must activate the Opay virtual card to start using it

Is Opay Virtual Card Free?

Opay virtual card is not free but costs 500 Naira.  When you apply for the Opay virtual card on the app, Opay will charge you 500 Naira. This money will be deducted from your Opay account instantly.

Hence, to successfully apply and get your Opay virtual card, ensure you have 500-naira minimum balance. If you do not have up to that amount, fund your Opay account through bank transfer.

Interestingly, Opay does not charge maintenance fees, unlike other Nigerian banks that charge quarterly or yearly card maintenance fees.

Can Opay Virtual Card be Used for International Transactions

You can use an Opay virtual card for international transactions online. It can be used to pay for goods and services online in other countries, such as USD, GBP and other currencies. The Opay virtual card is just like every bank’s debit card in Nigeria which you can use online.

However, CBN places restrictions on banks’ naira debit cards in Nigeria for International transactions. This affected Opay’s virtual card too. This limits how much you can use an Opay virtual card to pay for International transactions.

Currently, the CBN limit on international transactions is $500 monthly on naira debit cards. However, Opay has a separate limit for its virtual cards.

Opay Virtual Card Limit

Opay virtual card daily limit varies according to account level. Your Opay account tier determines how much you can spend with your virtual card.

Here is the Opay virtual card daily limit by account tier:

Opay Account TypeOpay Virtual Card Limit
Opay Account Tier 1₦50,000
Opay Account Tier 2₦200,000
Opay Account Tier 3₦5,000,000
Opay virtual card limit

Therefore to increase your Opay virtual card limit, upgrade your Opay account tier.

Can you Link Opay Virtual Card to PayPal?

Opay Virtual card does not work with a PayPal account. You cannot link the Opay debit card to your PayPal account. Paypal does not accept it. This applies to other Nigeria Naira debit cards and not only Opay virtual cards.

Final Thoughts

There are benefits to getting an Opay virtual naira card. It cannot be stolen or lost, useful for all online transactions in Naira currency. In addition, you can manage the Opay virtual card on the app by setting the daily limit. Indeed, it costs 500 Naira to get Opay virtual card and start using it.

Therefore, try it and let me know your experience.

Lastly, let me know your opinion by dropping comments below.

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