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Chipper Cash App Introduces Payment Link: Here is What is it

Recently, Chipper Cash company introduced a payment link feature on its app which users can use to receive money from someone easily.

However, some users are not aware of it, some see it as “unuseful” while some finds it confusing

Therefore, this post will give you a snapshot of the Chipper cash payment link, who can benefit from it, and how to use it.

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What is Chipper Cash Payment Link

Chipper Cash App Payment Link

The Chipper Cash Payment Link is an easy means of receiving money to a user’s account through a Unique URL.

This innovative payment feature allows you to create a certain amount, generate a one-time payment link and share it with anyone, anywhere in the world.

When clicked, recipients are directed to a secure hosted page where payments can be easily made.

With this, you can easily receive funds into your Chipper cash account without sending your Chipper bank account details (9 Payment service Bank) to someone.

Who can use Chipper Cash Payment Link?

Generally, the payment link is available for every Chipper cash user. Anyone can use it to receive money into his or her account from any part of the world.

Ideally, Chipper users who are freelancers and owners of small-scale businesses will find it helpful. It will enable them to send the payment link as an invoice to clients for their services and get paid. 

However, individuals can also benefit from the Chipper payment link. For instance, if you are in charge of a group’s finance planning for a vacation, party or anything. You can send a payment link to each person to receive their contribution.

Facts about Chipper Cash Payment Link

The payment is for all Chipper Cash users. Anyone can use it for personal or business purposes.

The chipper cash payment link is valid for one transaction. The URL expires after receiving money with it and cannot reused for another payment.

The Payment link is amount-specific. You must enter the actual amount you want to receive with the link. Likewise, the sender must send the same amount to you – not a lower or higher amount.

There are 2 payment options: Pay through a bank transfer or transfer with the Chipper cash app.

chipper cash

Steps to Create a Chipper Cash Payment Link

Are you ready to use the Chipper Cash payment link, log in to your Chipper Cash app and follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the Transfer tab at the bottom of the app​
  2. Select the Payment link option​ to create it
  3. Enter your preferred amount, title, and description.
  4. Thereafter, tap the Create Link button to generate it.​
  5. Tap the Share Payment Link button and select your preferred messaging channel to share it.
  6. Chipper Cash will send you a notification once sender pays you via the payment link

Final thoughts

In summary, Chipper cash payment is an initive way of receiving money to one’s around the globe. Whether for personal or business use, the payment option from Chipper cash allows you to get paid without sending your 9 payment Service bank account to someone.

In the subsequent post, I will go in-depth on how to use it including its fees.

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