Zenith Bank Beta Life Promo 3: Qualify to Win ₦150000

Zenith Bank Beta Life Promo 3: How Qualify & Win ₦150000

Zenith Bank is rewarding customers ₦150,000 in its Beta Life promo season 3. You may ask: How can I win this money? What are the requirements? Is every customer eligible for this promo?

This post discusses Zenith Beta Life promo 3 extensively. You will learn how to qualify for the promo, terms and conditions, those not eligible and other related topics.

What is Zenith Bank Beta Promo 3

The Zenith Bank Beta Life Promo Season 3 is an avenue to reward customers. This bi-weekly promotion will run from June 1, 2023, to May 31, 2024.
During this period, through a raffle draw, Zenith Bank will give ₦150,000 each to 20 customers.

According to Zenith Bank, a winner of ₦150000 will be selected in each raffle draw every 2 weeks. And by the time the promo ends on May 31, 2024, 20 winners would have emerged.

Hence, Zenith is giving 3 million Naira (20 x 150000) to its customers during this promotion.

The Zenith Beta Life promo raffle draws will hold on the second and fourth Friday of each month. According to the bank’s official announcement, the raffle draw time is 12 p.m. at the Zenith Bank office. Winners will then be contacted.

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How to Qualify and Win ₦150000 Zenith Bank Beta Life Promo

The Zenith Bank Beta Life promo season 3 is eligible for existing and new customers. Qualified customers stand a chance of winning ₦150000. Here is how to win the money:

1. Open a Zenith Bank Account

The first step to win ₦150,000 in the Beta Life promo 3 is to have a Zenith Bank account.

To participate as a new customer in the Zenith Bank Beta Life Promo, you first must open an account with Zenith Bank. You can open a Zenith Bank account through the following method:

  • Dial Zenith Bank USSD code
  • Chat with Zenith Bank AI on WhatsApp
  • Visit Zenith Website
  • Visit a Zenith Bank branch

NOTE: To open a Zenith Bank account successfully, you must provide necessary identification documents such as BVN.

However, if you are an existing Zenith Bank account holder, ensure your Zenith account is active. But if your Zenith account is dormant, you can reactivate it with the USSD code or visit any Zenith Branch.

2. Fund your account with a minimum of ₦5,000 for the period.

After successfully opening the account, you must fund it with a minimum of ₦5,000 for the specified period.

This means that you need to deposit at least ₦5,000 into your newly opened Zenith Bank account to be eligible for the promotion.

For an existing Zenith customer, maintain a minimum of ₦5000 within this promo period to qualify to win ₦150,000.

3. Get a Zenith Bank Debit Card (virtual or physical).

Zenith Bank ATM debit card and virtual

As part of the promotion requirements, you must request and collect a Zenith Bank Debit Card. You can get the Zenith physical ATM or virtual card depending on your choice.

According to Zenith Bank, you only need to get a Zenith physical card or a virtual card to qualify for the ₦150000 of the Beta Life Promo 3 depending on your choice.

4. Activate Zenith Bank Mobile App or *966# EazyBanking.

Furthermore, to participate in the promotion, you are required to download and register on the Zenith Bank Mobile App or register for *966# EazyBanking on your phone.

You can choose one or activate both alternative banking channels on your phone.

To activate the Zenith mobile app on your smartphone, download and install it from Google Playstore or App Store. Register the app on your phone to enjoy mobile banking on the go.

Alternatively, activate Zenith EazyBanking by dialling the USSD code *966# on your phone. Follow the on-screen prompt to register and create a USSD PIN for transactions.

To understand better, read How to Activate Zenith Bank USSD Code

Zenith Bank Mobile App

Zenith Bank Beta Life Promo 3 Terms and Conditions

To stand a chance of winning the money, here are the Zenith Bank Beta Life promo terms and conditions:

  • Have an active Zenith Bank account
  • Maintain a ₦5000 minimum account balance
  • Own a Zenith Bank debit card
  • Activate the Zenith Bank mobile app or USSD code

How are Winners Selected?

In the Zenith Bank Beta Life Promo, winners are selected through a computerized raffle draw, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

Since it is a random raffle draw, every Zenith bank account holder has an equal chance of being a winner in the promotion.

To enhance the credibility of the selection process for Zenith Bank promo, external auditors will verify the random selection and allocation of prizes to the winning customers.

This verification adds an extra layer of assurance, reinforcing the integrity of the selection process and providing participants with confidence in the legitimacy of the promotion.

How will Winners be Contacted?

Zenith Bank will inform prospective winners through SMS when they enter the raffle draw. This SMS confirms that you are eligible to win the Zenith Bank Beta Life promo money.

In addition to SMS notifications, winners will also be contacted by their respective Zenith branch offices.

A representative from the bank’s branch will reach out to inform the individual that they have emerged victorious in the Zenith Bank Beta Life Promo.

NOTE: Scammers use bank promo to defraud people. To avoid being a victim, never disclose your personal information such as ATM card details to anyone through SMS or phone call. If you are in doubt about winning the 150000 Naira Beta Life promo, visit a Zenith branch near you to confirm it.

Is the Promo Available for Existing Zenith Customers?

Yes, the Zenith Bank Beta Life Promo 3 is available for existing Zenith Bank customers. Existing customers can participate in the promotion by fulfilling these criteria:

  1. Reactivate Dormant Zenith Bank Accounts: Existing customers with dormant accounts have the opportunity to reactivate them to become eligible for the promo.
    To reactivate a Zenith Bank account, dial the USSD code or visit the bank’s branch.
  2. Maintain a ₦5000 Minimum Account Balance: To qualify for the promo, existing customers must ensure that their Zenith Bank account maintains a minimum balance of ₦5000 throughout the specified period of the promotion.
  3. Own a Zenith Bank Debit Card: Customers need to possess a Zenith Bank debit card. Having and using a debit card is often one of the qualifying criteria for existing customers to participate in the promotion.
  4. Activate and Use Zenith Bank Mobile App or USSD Code: Participation in the promo requires existing customers to use the Zenith Bank mobile app or USSD code for various transactions.

By meeting these criteria, an existing Zenith Bank customer qualifies to be a winner in Beta Life Promo 3.

Who is not Eligible for Zenith Bank Beta Life Promo

While every Zenith Bank can qualify to win the 150000, certain people will be excluded from the draw.

Here are those not eligible for Zenith Bank Beta Life promo 3:

  • Staff and relatives of Zenith Bank Plc: No workers of Zenith Bank are allowed to participate in this promo including their immediate family members.
  • A Zenith Bank corporate account holder: The Zenith Bank promo is only available for an individual account holder.
  • Other ineligible Customers: Customers who do not meet up with the Zenith Bank promo terms and conditions are not eligible to win. Such as having a dormant account, a below 5000 Naira account balance, no debit card etc.

Zenith Bank Beta Life Promo 3: Qualify to Win ₦150000


Below are the answers to the Frequently answered questions (FAQs) on Zenith Beta Life Promo season 3:

How much is the Zenith Beta Life Promo reward?

The Zenith Bank Beta life reward is ₦150,000. Every qualified customer has the chance to win this money.
And since it is a random raffle draw, previous winners still have a chance to win the money according to Zenith Bank.

What is Zenith Beta Life Promo 3 Date?

The Zenith Bank Beta Life promo starts from June 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024.

How to register for Zenith Beta Life promo

To register and join the Zenith Beta Life promo, follow these steps:

  • Open a Zenith Bank account
  • Fund and maintain a 5000 Naira minimum account balance
  • Get a Zenith Bank debit card
  • Lastly, activate Zenith Bank mobile app or USSD code on your phone

When does the raffle draw take place

The Zenith Bank Beta Life promo raffle draws take place at the Zenith Bank office by 12 pm every second and fourth Friday of each month. The draw will last between June 1, 2023 and May 31, 2024.

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So, if you have been looking for ways to make money from Zenith Bank, here is how to qualify. All you need is to follow the terms and conditions and you could win 150000 before the Beta Life promo 3 ends in 2024.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Therefore, try it and let me know your experience by leaving a message in the comment section below or Facebook page.

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