Jaiz Bank Customer Care Phone Number, Online, Email Address

Jaiz Bank Customer Care: Phone Number, Online, Email Address…

Do you want to contact Jaiz Bank customer care in Nigeria through phone number, email address and other mediums?

To contact Jaiz Bank customer care by phone, call the number 07007730000. Other options are social media handles, email address, and the website. These are easy channels to resolve your issues.

Therefore, find out in this post more information about these options and related topics.

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Jaiz Bank Customer Care

Maybe you want to know more about Jaiz Bank services. Maybe a complaint. You can contact the Jaiz customer care service for a lot of reasons.

There are at least 6 ways to contact Jaiz customer care: phone number, WhatsApp, email address, Facebook, Twitter, and the website. All these are discussed in the next sections.

Below are some enquiries and complaints Jaiz Bank customer care can handle:

  • ATM dispense error
  • POS/Web dispute
  • E-channel: USSD banking, mobile app and Internet banking
  • How to get Jaiz Bank account statement
  • Transfer money or transaction issues
  • Block ATM Card
  • Report a failed transaction
  • Check Jaiz Bank Account number/balance
  • Jaiz Bank staff attitude

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Jaiz Bank Customer Care Number

Jaiz Bank customer care phone number is 07007730000. This is a quick way of contacting Jaiz Bank. For instance, to report a failed transaction or make an enquiry from the bank. When you call this phone number, a customer care representative will attend to you.

Not that Jaiz Bank customer care phone number is not toll-free. Your mobile network (Airtel, Mtn, Glo & 9 mobile) will charge you a normal call rate.

Also, call the Jaiz Bank care number if you want to contact a specific branch in Nigeria. Such as any branch in Lagos, Benin, Warri, Ibadan, Abuja, Uyo, Asaba, Yenagoa, Abuja and other locations. 

Jaiz Bank Customer Care Email Address

Jaiz Bank customer care email address is customercare@jaizbankplc.com. If you want to message your enquiries or complaints, use this email. For complaints, you can attach the evidence of your complaints such as documents or images. For instance, if you want to report a failed transaction, attach the receipt to the email.

Note: when sending a message to the Jaiz customer service email address, use the email linked to your account number. Not using such email will affect receiving prompt feedback.

Jaiz Bank Customer Care

Jaiz Bank Social Media Page

Another way to contact Jaiz Bank customer service is through the social media page. Jaiz Bank is available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Simply message or chat live with Jaiz Bank on these social media channels. Whether you want to make an enquiry or lodge a complaint, a representative will answer your questions.

Below are the Jaiz Bank social media handles and links:

Note: Ensure it is the right Jaiz Bank social media page to avoid being scammed. All of Jaiz Bank’s social media pages have a checkmark to show it is verified.

Although some people chat with Jaiz Bank in the comment section of a post, it is better to send a direct message (DM). This prevents you from exposing yourself to scammers or fraud online.

Jaiz Bank Customer Care Online Chat

Another way to contact Jaiz Bank is through online chat. Online chat is an interactive way of messaging Jaiz Bank similar to WhatsApp. This feature is located on the Jaiz website. By using the Jaiz online chat, you get a quick answer to your enquiry or complaints from customer care. No need of waiting for so long for a response.

Here is how to use Jaiz Bank online chat:

  1. Visit the Jaiz Bank website
  2. Click on the chat icon below the webpage
  3. Enter your name as the username
  4. Then, wait in the queue
  5. Very soon a customer care representative will attend to you.

Jaiz Bank Website

Contacting Jaiz Bank customer service on the website is similar to sending an email. Go to the Jaiz Bank Contact Us section. Completely fill out the forms and Jaiz will reply to your message through your email.

Here are what you can complaints about on Jaiz Bank Website:

  1. ATM dispense error complaint
  2. POS/WEB dispute
  3. General complaint
  4. Enquiry
  5. Feedback
  6. Online banking etc.

Physical Customer Care

Jaiz Bank is present in all states in Nigeria including FCT. Every Jaiz Bank branch has a customer care unit to answer your enquiries and complaints. Such as a failed transaction, ATM issues, transfer issues, blocking or unblocking an account, checking your Jaiz account number etc. Therefore, you can visit a Jaiz Bank branch close to you to resolve any issue.

While you can resolve most issues through customer care online, you may need to visit the Jaiz Bank physical branch in some cases. Such as for account updates and getting a new ATM debit card.


In summary, there are different ways to contact Jaiz Bank customer service: For instance, you may use the phone number, WhatsApp, email address, social media and website.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Therefore, try it and let me know your experience by leaving a message in the comment section below.

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