How to get Access bank credit card in Nigeria

How to get Access Bank Credit Card in Nigeria

So maybe you want to get an Access bank loan in Nigeria but you heard the bank issue a credit card to customers. This sounds interesting but you don’t know how to get it. Don’t worry! This post explains vital information you need on Access bank Naira credit card.

You can get the Access bank credit card by using the USSD code or mobile app. However, you must be eligible to apply which comes at a cost. After it is activated, you can use the card within the verified limit and repay at least 10% the following month.

Therefore, find out how to get and use this naira credit card.

How does Access Bank Credit Card Work

Access bank Nigeria offers a naira credit card to its customers to have access to a credit facility or loan by spending more than their account balance. The Access credit card works just like the usual credit card in developed which allows you to pay for things while you repay the bank later. In short, see this card as a way of borrowing money from Access bank without needing to apply everytime you need a quick loan.

Interestingly, Access bank can link your credit card to your existing debit card through a process called Dual Transaction Service. This means you do not need to have 2 separate cards but one card functioning as a credit and debit card.

Access Bank Credit Card Eligibility

So who is eligible for Access bank credit card? The Access credit card is eligible for salary earners having their salary account with the bank. That is, if you are employed and want to enjoy using the Access credit card, move your salary account to Access bank.

Furthermore, to qualify for Access credit card as a salary earner, you must be receiving at least 20,000 Naira (₦) salary per month.

How to Apply for Access Bank Credit Card

To apply for Access bank credit card, dial *901*14# from your registered phone number with Access Bank. It is that simple. And the service will be activated if you meet the requirement.

Also follow these steps to apply for Access bank credit card online through the mobile app:

  • Open Access Bank Mobile App.
  • Go to the app menu and select Cheques and Cards.
  • Select Credit Card.
  • Then, select Request Card.
  • Lastly, complete the application by paying the joining fee.

In addition, applying for Access bank naira credit card cost ₦1000. And this money is deducted from your bank account.

How to Activate Access Bank Credit Card

You can activate the Access credit card using the dedicated USSD code or by calling the customer care number.

Follow these steps to activate the Access bank credit card using the USSD code:

  • Dial *901*14#.
  • Select Activate.
  • Next, accept the credit card terms and conditions.
  • Then, start using your credit card.

You could also activate the Access credit card by contacting customer care. Dial 01-2712005-7 and a representative will guide you through the activation process.

How to apply and eligible for Access bank Naira credit card

How to use Access Credit Card

The Access bank credit card is a bit different from the way you use a debit card in different places like ATM and POS.

When you want to use the Access credit card on ATM, choose credit option as the account type. You can then perform transactions like withdrawing money. Remember how you choose debit when using your debit card at ATM centres, this time you credit when you want to use the credit card service.

Likewise, when you want to use this Access bank credit card on POS, select the credit option. This way can spend more than your balance or withdraw from it.

Access Bank Credit Card Interest Rate & Fees

Using the Access bank credit card comes with different fees and interest rates. Hence, it is important to know these charges.

The interest rates of Access bank naira credit card are as follows:

  • POS: 3%
  • Website: 3%
  • ATM withdrawals: 3.5%

Also, here are Access bank credit card fees:

  • Joining fee: ₦1000
  • Card Re-issue: ₦1000
  • Maintenance fee: ₦50 quarterly
  • Annual Insurance Fee: 0.05% card limit
  • Currency Conversion Rate for Purchases: 3.5%

How to Repay Access Bank Credit Card Loan

To repay your Access bank credit card loan, you send the money to the dedicated account number. After activation of your credit card, you get a specific account number useful for receiving your monthly due payment. This account is only for receiving credit card loan repayment and cannot run as a normal bank account.

In addition, you are to repay 10% minimum on or before the 15th of every month for the previous month. And you transfer this money Access bank credit card account number. For instance, if you spend 20,000 Naira in January, you are to repay at least 2,000 Naira on or before the 15th of February.

Access Credit Card Limit

With the access bank credit card, you get up to 3 times your monthly salary. For instance, if your monthly salary is 100,000 Naira, you can spend up to 300,000 using the credit card.

Furthermore, you can use your credit card on ATM a maximum of 5 times a day while it is 10 times a day on POS.

How to Check Access Bank Credit Balance

To check your Access bank credit card balance, dial *901*14# and follow the instructions. You would be able to see how much you spent and repay at least 10% of the amount before due date.

How to Deactivate Access Bank Credit Card

If you decide to cancel your credit card, call Access customer care at 01-2712005-7 to deactivate it. The representative assist you in successfully deactivating your credit card account.

Note that to successfully deactivate your Access credit card, you must clear your outstanding debt. You repay the loan or money spent by sending it to the dedicated account number.

Also, for any enquiry or complaint on the credit card, call Access customer care at 01-2712005-7.


Getting the Access bank credit card is useful in Nigeria such as when you need quick cash before payday without having to apply for a loan. It gives you access to 3 times your salary and you don’t have to pay everything the following month.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Therefore, try it and let me know your experience by leaving a message in the comment section below.

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    1. The breakdown of your loan is stated in the terms of the agreement before it is processed.
      If you cannot find it, please contact the Access Bank customer care.
      To get the phone number, check the section of this post on How to Deactivate Access Bank Credit Card

  2. Good day pls I am eligible for this instant credit loan and I’ve done as I was instructed but to my greatest surprise I went to POS to use my card for withdraw and I was told that I have insufficient fund, so pls kindly assist me on this.

    1. This is how Access Bank credit card works:
      When withdrawing on POS, select the credit option and not the debit.

      Also, hope you have activated the card which I mentioned in the post?
      Still getting insufficient fund? contact Access bank customer care. And it will be resolved.

  3. I have started withrawing on my access credit card. How do I pay my money back cause no account number have been sent to me. Thanks

    1. Contact Access customer care phone number in the post or DM on their social media page (Facebook or Twitter).
      They will assist you on how to repay it

      1. Good evening please I need an assistant. I get my Verve card on Monday how many working days will my debit card link with my credit card. I called customer care service so they told me it will work on Wednesday which is today but I have go to the POS twice it was denied that my card is not a credit card

          1. I called them on Tuesday they told to wait for 24 hours that my credit will link with my debit card I tried it yesterday and today but is not still working . On the POS is card not a credit card

          2. If the POS has the option to choose credit and not debit. You can try it with an ATM and choose the credit option.

  4. Your Credit Card balance for Jun is #-1,375.00. Please make minimum payment of #137.50 into your credit account 1726470555 on or before 15/7/2023 to avoid late payment fees. Please I did not understand this message from Access bank I have not start to use my credit card they said pay money

  5. My question is how to check my credit loan balance. I tried *901*14# but it’s showing me “Error processing request”

    1. Hi,
      You should be able to check your Access credit loan balance with the USSD code.

      It may be network error
      Or if you have low a airtime, recharge your phone and try again.

      However if it persists, contact the dedicated customer care of the Access loan

    2. Your Credit Card balance for Sep is N15,536.00. Please make minimum payment of N-80,192.19 into your credit account 1726774521 on or before 15/10/2023 to avoid late payment fees. I don’t understand this

  6. Mine is the fact that my sibling dialed the ussd and activated it, but no account number was or has been sent for repayment. I don’t even know how much is in the credit balance. I have emailed them to deactivate it coz I don’t have interest in using it, but they replied back saying I have to pay up what is on the credit card. Please if I don’t use the funds on the credit card, am I to still pay it? And how much interest would be accrued?

    1. Hi,
      There is a code to check your credit balance.
      However, call the dedicated customer care line to deactivate asap.
      Ofcourse, you will need to repay it
      The interest accrued depends on the duration of the loan. Hopefully it isn’t much

  7. I dialed the code *901*14# it said I have activated my instant credit account but I can’t access it what should I do

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